David et Goliath

Every neighbourhood has a Ginger Impinger. And there is a new one in town.

Defending his royal title, in the Black Corner and weighing in at 3.12kg, is Sa Majesté Louis Catorze, Le Roi Soleil, whom we all know and love. And the challenger, in the Orange Corner and weighing in at 173kg, is this dude:

Oh. Mon. Dieu.
Saint Jésus.

He is absolutely enormous. And he was quite happy to make himself comfortable, too, lounging around on the patio and even letting Cat Daddy stroke him.

Cheeky sod.

Now, you would be forgiven for thinking Catorze wouldn’t stand a chance against this beast. However, I have seen him once before – or, rather, glimpsed his hindquarters fleeing into the night. And, would you believe, he was fleeing from Catorze.

The little sod had escaped out at The Front, as usual, and we had opened the living room window in case he needed to run quickly to safety. When I heard him growling outside I peered through the open window and saw Catorze on the wall, and Goliath’s unmistakable rear end and fluffy tail heading for That Neighbour’s garden. At the time I wasn’t able to see how large he was, and until today Cat Daddy was convinced that I had seen a fox and mistaken it for a cat (?). But now he knows, and he is delighted with his boy for standing up for himself.

It’s hard to demonstrate the size disparity without a photo of the two cats together, but the hinge on the shed door, visible in both photos below, gives some sense of scale. Here is David, by the gap leading to the Zone Libre:

Size isn’t everything.

And here is Goliath, defying all odds by succeeding in squeezing his considerable bulk through the same gap:

What do you mean, “Breathe in”? I am breathing in!”

Yes, he’s a monster. That said, if we were to pit them against one another in combat, my money would be on Le Roi.

30 thoughts on “David et Goliath

    1. He’s turning into quite a cantankerous old man and seems to be rejecting all other cats’ attempts at friendship. It’s not great. 😐

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  1. In my country, during the Ducasse of Ath, a little David has to fight against Goliath and when the boy wins, he gets famous.
    You can be proud of Louis, your own little David too.

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    1. Both of our black cats have had a Ginger Impinger nemesis! Well, Catorze technically has had two but he befriended the first one … 🤷‍♀️


  2. I had a ginger tabby (a neutered male) that weighed in at 10,7 kilos! He was a huge cat, so huge my late mother used to ask me about my cheetah! I finally convinced her Louie was a cat, not a cheetah, but that gives you a sense of his size.

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