Le banquet britannique

However purgatorial Le Grand Changement may be, at least Louis Catorze doesn’t know about THIS (see link):


A 2kg bag of this food, called British Banquet and containing caviar and lobster, would set you back a cool £249.99 (two hundred and forty-nine pounds and ninety-nine pence).

However, according to the manufacturer’s website – where I browsed just out of curiosity, I might add, and not because I was giving this food any genuine consideration – British Banquet was only available briefly during 2016 as a limited-edition product. They now only stock their standard range, still très fancy by most people’s standards and something I am not ruling out should I require a Plan D.

Now, anyone who has ever met a cat will know that, if they taste something new and wonderful, they reject their boring, everyday food. In fact, even if they DON’T taste something new and wonderful, some of them still reject their boring, everyday food, just for fun, then decide to like it again after we’ve spent a fortune on other food. I cannot imagine any cat sampling British Banquet and then settling for some inferior substitution afterwards, so what did people do after the production run came to an end? Rich, hunger-striking British kitties must have gone through cycle after cycle of Grand(s) Changement(s) in 2017, with their frustrated humans crying into their Cristal and praying for the little sods to JUST EAT SOMETHING, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

Anyway, here is Catorze, not quite living the lifestyle of £249.99 food but still acting as if he were:

La vie est belle.

8 thoughts on “Le banquet britannique

  1. I didn’t allow Miss Penny to read this post because it might have given her some very expensive ideas!!! But because she couldn’t read this post, she was mad at me, and so she ferociously stole the cheese on my pizza. Which only cost $28, not £249.99, so we’re good 😀 Sa Maj, on the other hand, seems to me like he totally deserves the £249.99 treat! You need to write to the makers of British Banquet and ask them to make it again so that you have a plan D (which he is totally expecting).

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    1. Sa Maj hasn’t seen this post either! 🤣 Knowing him, he would eat this food and love it … then change his mind when I invested in 863 packs of it.

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  2. Le Roi on his throne 😹 What I wouldn’t give to trade places with him for a week. I suspect he might oddly enjoy working midnight to 8am shift by himself in a large funeral home…🤔 Non?

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