Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan B Partie 3)

Merci à Dieu et à tous ses anges: Louis Catorze is eating food. And it’s food that I want him to eat, not some heinous, cheap, 90%-sawdust rubbish that he’s chosen just to spite me.

It’s been a couple of days since we started putting half a portion each of new and old food into his bowl – sometimes with the halves top and bottom with a horizontal split, like the Earth’s hemispheres, sometimes with a vertical split and the halves left and right, and sometimes in a pleasing yin-yang formation, just for fun – and he has eaten every portion served. And, the other day, when Cat Daddy was drunk and accidentally served him the new food on its own, he ate that, too.

I cannot even BEGIN to articulate how happy this makes me. Unless you have been through it, you will never understand how stressful it is when a cat won’t eat, especially when they’re not even ill (which can be cured) but just being a shite (which can’t). And it’s even worse when you have helpful folk on the sidelines saying things like “He’ll get hungry enough eventually”* and “I don’t see why you can’t just keep giving him his old food”**.

*No, he won’t.

**Which part of “His old food is discontinued” don’t you understand?

I appreciate that some cats will eat absolutely anything put in front of them. If you have one of those, lucky you. We don’t.

The two foods are still served in distinct piles, and I haven’t dared to mix them because this failed the last time, after weeks of us believing it to be going fine. I don’t want the little sod suddenly realising on Day 14 that there is a new food in his bowl and then being difficult. So, after every meal, I go to his plate and re-sort any mixed bits into separate piles again. Yes, it must seem somewhat over the top. But I would rather do this than have Catorze abort the mission at the eleventh hour, and then we would have to start this tedious process ALL OVER AGAIN.

Anyway, Catorze remains utterly unconcerned by the trouble he has been causing. Here he is, having just, erm, ripped a page out of Cat Daddy’s old road atlas and fashioned it into a pillow for himself:

Erm …

22 thoughts on “Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan B Partie 3)

    1. Haha, yes, I don’t often photograph him in a way that gives a sense of scale! I must try and picture him next to some ants or some such thing. 🐜


  1. Yay! Success (or is it too soon to rejoice!) I have one picky eater out of 4. The worst part is that I have to guard her food until she decides if she will eat or not or one of the others will snatch it up. Argh!

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  2. There’s a special place for you in cat heaven, trust me 🙂 I totally understand your worries and efforts! My old Sosso used to eat stuff (hair pins, paper, plastic, yarn, etc.) and I spent years being ultra careful with her and her food (and spending thousands of dollars at the vet, too)!

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  3. Shhhhh ! Under no circumstances let Catorze see this and learn of your joy .

    Any significance to which page of the Atlas he removed ?

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