L’armée rousse

Saint Jésus et tous ses apôtres: Cat Daddy has seen three foxes run away from Louis Catorze at The Back.

Je répète: three foxes, each weighing (I imagine) around 7-10kg, have RUN AWAY from our 3kg cat.

The strange thing is that he didn’t even scream or hiss to send them packing; all he did was stick his head through the gap in the fence that separates the Zone Occupée from the Zone Libre. That said, his diminutive stature and vampire fangs mean that he isn’t immediately identifiable as a cat, so perhaps they saw him as some cryptozoological freak of nature and thought it best to steer clear. And, to be fair, it’s not the first time anyone has looked at him and had those thoughts.

Cat Daddy found a big hole dug in our garden not long ago, so clearly the foxes had been gadding about back here again (unless, of course, a bunch of them cornered Catorze and forced him to dig his own grave), which is not what we want. I would be very happy if these three reported back to their foxy friends that a peculiar beast is at large in the Zone Occupé, and that they must avoid the area at all costs.

However, I wouldn’t want Sa Maj to become over-confident and to go sashaying over there thinking there were only three of them, when in fact there are at least eight.

This is a situation which will require ongoing monitoring. But Cat Daddy and I are ready.

“You and whose armée?”

11 thoughts on “L’armée rousse

  1. I just read somewhere recently that their cat and some fox kits in the backyard happily play together.. I am more on your side about this (we have coyotes as well as foxes around) But sometimes if you look like you are crazier than the people you are dealing with you can cow them -( I speak from experience as a junior high teacher.) so that may be Catorze’s strategy.

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  2. Maybe they were just plain scared of ‘crazy”. Creatures and people that behave outside of normal are unpredictable, and even predators can be scared of them. I saw this one fall when birds up in Maine got drunk on fermented berries from a rowan tree. They were capering around and the Gray Menace decided that they were easy prey. then they decided to attack him, and he ran away as fast as he could.

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  3. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Erm….perhaps it was Sa Maj who made the foxes dig their burial hole and they only got away by promising to bring back an offering for Halloween?

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