Les drogues et les bagarres

Now that the steroids have kicked in, living with Louis Catorze is rather like living with a drug addict (not that I have lived with THAT many drug addicts in my life, but you know what I mean). He spends his days either asleep, bouncing off the walls or having an attack of the munchies.

The good thing is that he’s MOSTLY continuing to eat his tablets in Pill Pockets. However, on the odd occasion when he doesn’t, we have had no choice but to use the Greco-Roman method.

To find out why the Greco-Roman method is so called, please look here: https://louiscatorze.com/2017/01/07/la-pilule-est-dure-a-avaler/

Although I am getting better at Greco-Romaning, when he takes his pills without the buffer of the Pill Pocket it’s rather like having a neat vodka shot instead of a vodka and soda. Suddenly he is wired and invincible, and we have to be on the alert to wrench him out of trouble’s way.

Not long ago, immediately after being Greco-Romaned, he decided to go outside and taunt the enemy again. You can just about make out the squirrel atop the telegraph pole and Catorze, alarmingly, is trying to figure out a way of joining him:

I would have concerns about any cat considering this even under normal circumstances, but doing so whilst stoned and Côned is utter lunacy. So I had to go out there and do the rescue helicopter thing and pluck him to safety. (Yes, I also took a photo, but this is mainly because I didn’t think anyone would believe me.)

No doubt we can expect to have another warning anytime soon. And I know how these gangs work: if one warning appears to have no effect, they will do something worse the next time. So, if you hear that our bodies have been found, buried face-down in our back garden (cause of death: stoning with hazelnuts), you will KNOW.

13 thoughts on “Les drogues et les bagarres

  1. It may be hard to believe but you are lucky. I only had one cat that would take pill pockets. Our Mollie takes a steroid pill now that is compounded. It smells like vanilla and melts in her mouth so she doesn’t have to swallow it and it’s not bitter. There is an antibiotic that gets prescribed occasionally that must be vile. None of the cats will take it unless forced. BTW squirrels don’t get made they get even. The sight of the coned (and stoned) cat climbing precariously on the tops of things is hysterical. At least to those of us who do not have to manage him.

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  2. Are the steroids helping him medically at all ? We had thata vile medicine and even the vets and the compounding pharmacist warned us. And t hey were right. Our boy will no longer touch anything with his phosphorous binder or his potassium supplement. He is suffering from CKD but he still maintains large traces of his ornery persona., and believe it or not we see that as a blessing. But he is not an outside cat. Sending purrayers/

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    1. Yes, they’re deffo making him less itchy although he will always be an itchy cat. He’s always scratched and washed a lot. But we don’t want to unCône him until a little more fur has grown back on the eyes, as over-zealous scratching or washing makes bald skin bleed. 😐


    1. Kind of, yes. We got him from a rescue after he just turned up at a lady’s house one day. Goodness knows where he’d been before that!

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