Où est Le Cône?

Holy. Flippin’. Hell.

I was just about to say “I guess this had to happen sooner or later” but, I’ll be honest, I absolutely NEVER thought it would happen: Louis Catorze gave Cat Daddy the slip during their joint outdoor exercise session – Cat Daddy on the stationary bike and Catorze pitter-pattering around – and the little sod strolled back from wherever he’d been, minus Le Cône.

After a quick search of Le Jardin, I found it behind the shed. And it was fully undone. So Catorze hadn’t simply wriggled out of it; HE HAD ACTUALLY UNFASTENED THE VELCRO.

Mesdames et Messieurs: as long as I live I will never, EVER understand how on earth he did this. This mystery is right up there with the disappearance of Lord Lucan and those weird lines in Peru.

Cat Daddy: “I can’t believe how smug he looked, trotting merrily up the path. If he had any sense, he’d have stayed in the playground at The Back and had a good old scratch. And we wouldn’t have been able to do a thing about it.” Well, for once I am grateful that he’s thicker than a concrete milkshake.

So our new security measures are as follows:

1. Extra caution is to be exercised during the 2 hours following his steroid dose. (Virtually all the bad behaviour takes place immediately after he has been pilled.)

2. Wardens cannot perform any other tasks alongside their supervision of the pilled inmate (not even making a cup of tea).

3. Le Cône is to be glued/nailed onto inmate’s person and, in the event of inmate not liking this, tant pis pour lui.

When Cat Daddy recaptured the inmate, this also happened. Not sure what “this” is, exactly.

15 thoughts on “Où est Le Cône?

  1. I was wondering when he’d lose the cone. I was afraid he’d get caught and stuck somewhere.

    Twenty five years ago when we adopted our very first rescue cat, a 22 pound male, I tried to put a pretty rhinestone collar on Sammy. He went down into our basement and came back without it. I never did find it!

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    1. Gasp … sorry, I just needed a few minutes to process the concept of a 22lb cat. Louis Catorze is only 7lbs!

      Luckily there aren’t many places Catorze can go at The Back, and he is always supervised (although clearly not well enough). The Front is more of a worry as it’s open and he could go anywhere, hence why he’s not allowed there at all whilst Côned.

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      1. Yes, Sammy was huge. I’d never had a cat. When the adoption people suggested him (he’d lost his home when his family divorced), I remember thinking, “THAT’S a cat?” He was five at the time, and he looked like Jabba the Hut, but he was a love. He fit in immediately with the dog we had, and he loved my son. He was our first, and he paved the way for the seven others who followed over the years. If he hadn’t been such a sweet love, I would’ve stopped with him. He made us cat people.

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  2. Oh I LOVE that photo!!! His expression says “I will never forget this humiliation and I will get my revenge when you least expect it”. Maybe he caught the cone on something and tried to pull away, which opened the velcro. He sure is keeping you on your toes!! xx

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  3. Judge Crater and/or Elvis/Amelia Earhart/ the Crew of the Challenger are just beyond the portal in your basement and could not bear to see this magnificent animal coned. We are rather surprised you found the cone.

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