La brosse royale (Partie 2)

Louis Catorze’s fancy new facial brush arrived during the week. And, although everyone is laughing at me for buying it, it’s been a big hit with Sa Maj.

My first choice was a sustainable brush with olive wood handle and pony hair bristles, but the reviewers said they “couldn’t get past the smell of horse” (shudder) so I went for the Aveda Tulasāra one with the recycled resin handle*. Because it’s designed for human use, the bristles are super-soft and should hopefully relieve the itching without hurting the little sod.

*I have no idea what Tulasāra means but, being a linguist, I really enjoyed typing an ā for the first time ever. I also don’t exactly know how one would recycle resin, but I expect the good folk at Aveda know what they’re doing.

Anyway, despite the fact that Cat Daddy almost had a seizure when I told him how much the brush cost – and I only told him the sale price, not what it cost before the reduction – he was, and continues to be, surprisingly happy to administer the treatment to his boy.

Here they are enjoying a special moment (pre-biopsy) at Boys’ Club Wellness Spa:

Le royal facial treatment

Catorze’s brush is from, erm, And, yes, I do get the irony.

7 thoughts on “La brosse royale (Partie 2)

    1. Catorze loves his facial brush sessions. But he has a tendency to overdo it, so we have to take charge of how hard we brush and not let him decide. 🙄

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  1. Sa Maj is not spoiled at all! He is being treated in the manner to which he has become accustomed. And rightly so.
    I also think Aveda’s prices are astronomical! Lol xxx

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    1. I know! I haven’t bought anything from Aveda for myself for YEARS because I can’t afford it! 🤣


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