Les drogues dures

You know that moment when you think you’ve been super-organised ordering your cat’s medication in advance, then you realise that you only have enough to last 1 more day? Yes, THAT.

Luckily I have some human Gabapentin capsules that will suffice in the meantime. (Don’t panic: animal Gabapentin basically IS human Gabapentin, and this is ok to do in an emergency.) But the only problem is that Louis Catorze’s usual pills are 25mg, whereas the capsules are 350mg. So I need to do some nifty mathematics. Erm … 350 by 25, to the power of … erm … multiplied by the square root of … something … oh Seigneur Dieu. This is why I’m a blogger and not a mathematician.

Not only that, but capsules mean wayward, uncontrollable powder as opposed to solid, predictable pills. So here I am, cutting up Gabapentin for my cat with my John Lewis credit card, like the most middle-class addict imaginable. You really couldn’t make this up (and here’s a photo to prove that I’m not):


Now: how to Greco-Roman a powder substance into a writhing, screaming, blood-letting bastard of a cat?

6 thoughts on “Les drogues dures

    1. I told you: I can’t count! I thought it was 12 (& I split each of these into 4). Poor Catorze will be high as a kite tonight!


  1. If you mix it in 7ccs of broth you could draw 0.5 cc into a syringe to put down his throat. I have done this with other meds before with my demon/angels. With mine it is quicker & easier to get them to swallow liquid than a pill. Perhaps his magesty could go along with it for the nonce especially if immediately followed by a chunk of his ham “to help the medicine go down” as Ms Poppins would say?

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  2. I so feel for you! We lost our precious orange tabby to liver disease last May & had to pill, powder, capsule & inject many times a day. Luckily for us our little man was so easy to handle and pill, so for that, I really do feel so bad for you! Hugs for you all!

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