Le regard qui tue

This is Luther, Louis Catorze’s big brother, who left us in 2014:

The Lutheran method: evoking guilt.

Luther would have been fourteen years old today. He only celebrated two birthdays during his too-brief time with us, but we always remember the date every year and have his favourite food – prawns – to celebrate. His picture popped up recently on that social media “Memories” thing and, according to the accompanying text, I was eating a burger with mustard and melted cheese at the time. This is no surprise, since Luther was the KING of being my best friend when I had food.

I don’t know why I didn’t see it before. Since Catorze hasn’t always been a creepy-starer, and only developed it after a few years of living with us, I can only imagine that he must have learned it from someone. It’s comforting to think he is able to channel his frère aîné, even though Luther managed to look disappointed whereas Catorze just looks scary.

Happy birthday, Luther. Hope you have prawns galore, wherever you are.

The Catorzian method: conjuring fear.

20 thoughts on “Le regard qui tue

  1. The difference in looks is striking indeed. Luther” I’m a poor boy, no one loves me!” Louis: “Obey me or ye shall lose your head!” Maybe they become more and more like their previous brothers/sisters from another mother because they actually become more and more like us 😀

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  2. I’m so sorry I missed this, I’ve not been reading anything, I have been having heartbreak and a mental health meltdown, then at last there was a visit to my daughter and things were just a tiny bit better and that led to me catching covid and it is being horrible to me! I’m also very very sad about the loss of a neighbour in our village, the all consumrf animal lover, more known for The Love Of Dogs, but he has/had many animals, including cats, goats, lambs, cows and on his African travels even fell in love with a vulture. So there are tears I shed for Paul O’Grady and I wonder what on earth will become of all his rescues and his amazing smallholding, all the animals that have been allowed to sleep in his bed, yes he did have a story of having a rejected lamb in bed with him. So I am very sorry that I missed this memory you shared, that beautiful boy Luther definitely sent Louis to you to continue his legacy of love and mischief in your life. And thanks to you, we all get to learn of all the antics. So happy XIVth birthday Luther, your little brother is keeping Mumma and Pappa on their toes! XxxxxxxxxxxxxX

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