Il y a plus dangereux que les vampires ce soir

Cat Daddy and I have just returned home from a weekend away.

When we away, Family Next Door often feed Louis Catorze, as they did this time. And, sometimes, Daughter Next Door, aged eight, likes to come over and play with the little sod when we’re here. The last time she came over, we had some Catorze photos lying around on the coffee table. We told her that she was very welcome to take some home with her, and so she did.

When we went over to their place for drinks recently, this was what we found in their kitchen. Oui, Mesdames et Messieurs: Catorze is creepily hovering on their knife block. THEIR KNIFE BLOCK.

Stabby little sod.

I know. Just as we thought he couldn’t possibly be any more sinister, THIS. And the following elements of the whole ensemble make it all the more chilling:

1. The smug look on his face.

2. The fangs (zoom in and you’ll see them).

3. The random extra blade on the block, for no apparent reason.

4. The fact that one knife is missing.

I plucked up the courage to ask if I could take a picture, but was too scared to ask Mamma Next Door any of the many, many questions that I have.

I am now counting all the knives in our kitchen before I go to bed. And, before you try to convince me that nothing could possibly go awry, may I remind you that Catorze has past form when it comes to attempted murder (look here if you don’t believe it). Oh, and he’s a black vampire cat with a Beltane Eve birthday, who lives in a house containing a haunted sculpture.

17 thoughts on “Il y a plus dangereux que les vampires ce soir

      1. Well, Jimi also prefers the company of boys instead of girls… Guess something scary happened while he was living at his previous family…

        Liked by 1 person

    1. If Catorze could teleport one over to you, he would! Shame on the inadequate humans (although technically I didn’t procure Catorze’s ones myself, making me equally inadequate). 😳


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