Aux idiots l’argent brûle les doigts

When Cat Daddy noticed the ferocity with which Louis Catorze pounced upon a newly-opened pack of Orijen, he suggested that we start buying the small packs instead of the fractionally less expensive medium-sized ones. I may have mentioned this previously on Le Blog, but I’m mentioning it again as I’m sure Cat Daddy will deny that it was his idea and start complaining about the cost again. (The smaller packs are 9p per kg more expensive than the medium-sized ones.)

Last week it was time to re-order as Louis Catorze was on his last pack of Orijen. We had stopped our medium pack subscription with with the intention of restarting on the small pack but, when I tried to resume the subscription, I discovered that they were out of stock.

Orijen’s main website was also all out although, annoyingly, they had supplies of the Orijen Six Fish for dogs. (Yes, I did compare the ingredients lists to see if there was a difference. And, yes, I did consider trying it to see if Catorze would notice, but I had grotesque visions of each pellet being the size of a brick and the silly sod overstretching his tiny jaws to eat them, like a snake swallowing a whole cow.)


Eventually I managed to find the last five packs in the world at, so I ordered all five. Since then I have found a few more places that stock the small pack, and I think the Orijen site may have replenished its stocks now, but my hopes of finding a reliable subscription service are dwindling. I want to be able to subscribe and then forget about it. I don’t want to have to order from a different place every time and pay delivery costs because they don’t have enough stock to enable me to meet the free delivery threshold. Yet this still beats the horror of leaving Catorze foodless and screaming.

When I told Cat Daddy about this, he muttered something about Brexit, supply chains and some other thing that I don’t remember. He doesn’t stockpile – in fact, he thinks people who do stockpile are scaremongering idiots – yet even he was encouraging me to buy every single pack of Orijen Six Fish Cat (and Dog, if I had to) that I could lay my hands on.

More Orijen than he can handle.

It shouldn’t be this complicated, should it? But then “complicated” is what Catorze is and does.

Cat Daddy took these pictures during an especially rambunctious Boys’ Club and, throughout the session, he was telling Catorze what an emotional and financial drain he is and how unhelpful this is when the country is gripped by what we keep calling a Cost of Living Crisis (but, in fact, is really a Cost of Voting for the Wrong Party and Having Them Do Us Over Crisis). Luckily Catorze didn’t understand and, even if he did, he wouldn’t have given a merde.

One of the last alfresco Boys’ Clubs of the summer.
It was quite the session.

15 thoughts on “Aux idiots l’argent brûle les doigts

  1. After about six weeks of stores having lots of cases of the food my cats prefer, there is an apparent shortage again. I didn’t stockpile, but bought a case every week for a month. (I don’t stockpile because I really have no place to store a lot of stuff and when the shortages first started I would run into folks in the cat food aisle who were putting everything in their cart – leaving none. That might not matter if it were beans or pasta, but you can’t improvise leftovers or go through the drive-thru for your animals.
    Anyway, what do you want to bet Sa Maj decides he hates that flavor anyway ?

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    1. Yes, improvising for fussy cats just doesn’t work. I remember when Sa Maj’s former food was discontinued before we’d sourced a replacement, and what an absolute horror that was.


  2. Canada likes to say that “the crisis is really a Cost of Idiotic Brits Voting for the Wrong Party.” Miss Penny just decided that she no longer likes the chicken pâtée that I got 10 cans of… Sigh… These furry tyrants really do cost us an arm and a leg!

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  3. Fortunately my monsters aren’t that fussy. And Baggyarse is a feline dustbin.

    I’m just glad I can order food from any place and know they’ll eat it. Unless it is high meat content which Jenny Cat thinks is pure poison.

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    1. Hahaha! So if she were a human, Jenny Cat would want the Morrisons Basics sausages instead of the organic artisan ones from the butcher! 🤣🤣🤣

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  4. Jenny Cat won’t eat tuna catfud but she will eat tinned tuna. Baggy won’t eat tinned tuna but will eat tuna catfud.

    But mostly it’s easy to feed my lot.

    They’ve been on the same flavour Iams dried food for 10 years, and the same flavours of Felix AGAIL for ever. The odd other things get hoovered up too.

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