Un chat noir qui n’y est pas

It was time to de-flea Louis Catorze the other day and, naturellement, he had disappeared.

Cat Daddy: “Have you done the deed yet?”

Me: “I don’t know where he is.”

Him: “I thought you said he’d gone into the guest room?” [This is his new favourite sleeping spot.]

Me: “He did. But he’s not there now.”

Him: “Maybe he’s in our room, or in the attic?”

Me: “I’ve looked. He’s not. And it’s really annoying because I’ve taken the stopper off the Broadline and, once it’s off, you can’t put it back on again. So I’m going to have to balance it precariously upright until we find him again.”

15 minutes later:

Cat Daddy: “He *is* in the guest room. Go and look again.”

I went to check and, after some effort, discovered Catorze asleep on a pile of Cat Daddy’s just-washed cycling gear, nestled into a black top where I couldn’t see him. LITTLE SOD HAD CATMOUFLAGED HIMSELF.

Où est Le Roi?

Anyway, he was most displeased when I got him, letting out his raspy old man scowl. And, of course, he has now rolled both the Broadline and his own cruddy self onto the cycling clothes, so we are going to have to wash them again. He could do with a bit of a wash himself, too, because nothing is more icky than a freshly-Broadlined Catorze who has tried to roll off the liquid.

I once described the post-Broadline Catorze to a friend as “looking as if a fish has crawled onto his back and died there”. And I think these photos – taken when he tried to also roll the liquid onto the attic bed – confirm it:


29 thoughts on “Un chat noir qui n’y est pas

    1. I don’t want to preach, but you probably should. Apparently, humans can carry fleas around with them, so you could accidentally bring some in with you. My KitKat is indoor-only and my vet advised that I treat her for fleas once a month and worms every three. She forgives me for the Advantage flea treatment by the day after, but the Profender (prescription-only spot-on) takes several days and even then she only forgives me so I can scratch the tacky spot on the back of her neck. 😅

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        1. Yep. They can’t live on us, though, so they’ll jump to the nearest viable host ASAP (kitties in this case). Also, fleas can carry worms , hence the recommendation to worm pets even if they don’t go outside.

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            1. ‘fraid so. -patpat- Well, worm eggs, at least. So the cat licks an itch and accidentally swallows a flea, which swallowed the spider, which swallowed the… wait, wrong chat, but you get what I mean. xD

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        2. Yes, a friend came to visit ( she has several dogs)…..we actually saw it jump on our table….yuk
          Maya must have got one on her and she must be somewhat allergic. She licked herself raw!
          This friend now lives 1.5 hours away and we seldom see her…no more fleas!

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      1. I haven’t treated them in 5 years and have had no issues. My last indoor-outdoor cat would bring them in even with the treatment. After he died I vowed to stop unless I needed it. Not a fan of unnecessary chemicals on animals. All vets advise to treat but I would only treat if I had to board them.

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        1. I know what you mean, but this is Catorze. 🤣🤣🤣 You know that if I were to forget for 0.3 seconds, he would have the worst infestation ever.

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        2. Fair enough. I’m not in a position to de-flea the whole house if KitKat does get them somehow, so I’d rather take preventative measures just in case, but I can understand not wanting to drug your kitties if it’s not necessary. 🙂

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  1. Louis seems gifted at spreading the Broadline onto his fur.
    In our country, we are meant to put such a product only on the cat skin between the shoulder blades.

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    1. Whereas I just fling it vaguely in his direction, and if one drop sticks then fine. 🤣🤣🤣 I wish the process could be easier! And, as another reader has said, they always know when it’s about to happen.

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      1. Right? I always THINK I’ve got it between her shoulder blades where it’s supposed to go, and then see her licking her shoulder later on and think “well crap”.

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  2. Yes indeed hummans can carry fleas. On a bad flea summer I could walk in from outside – even with the lawn mowed down – and find my ankles spotted with numerous fleas. I’d stick my foot under the faucet and wash ’em down the drain, but they can stay in socks, clothes and rugs ! And then reinfest a de-fleaed cat !

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    1. Good grief, that’s horrendous! I’ve heard of people who’ve had to treat and re-treat cushions, curtains etc. and the thought is grim beyond belief.


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