Le repos de l’âme

After a month of partying in the run-up to Hallowe’en, my liver is dying. So I am firmly on the wagon until at least the end of the month, longer if I can manage it, and I have resumed the exercise regime that had fallen by the wayside.

Louis Catorze – who, incidentally, is still brimming with energy, despite having partied twice as hard as the rest of us – is profoundly displeased about this. The exercise, I mean. Obviously he doesn’t know what the wagon is, nor does he know whether or not I am on it, nor would he give a hoot if he did.

That said, he doesn’t even give a hoot about the exercise as such. He is only displeased about it because it’s a change to his morning routine, and therefore it’s an inconvenience to him. Normally I would be sipping tea at 6:30am with him on my lap, but these days he has to find his own entertainment a couple of times a week whilst I do my step and weights workout. And, on the last few occasions, what passed for “entertainment” in his world was circling my step as I did my sit-ups, screaming his lungs out.

Yes, he has been accidentally hit on the rump with a dumbbell and/or kettlebell numerous times. No, it doesn’t deter him in the slightest.

Obviously I don’t have my camera in my hands when he’s doing the circling and screaming. But this picture, taken by Cat Daddy, shows exactly the sort of face he gives me:

Look at that gap where the lower fang used to be.

16 thoughts on “Le repos de l’âme

  1. Oh my, that must be a contender for next year’s Hallowe’en portrait?!! (maybe Photoshop a suitably eerie background into it?) Snoodle (our house panther) also circles, yells and generally gets in the way when I’m exercising. Doing press up is the worst when my nose hits various parts of her anatomy on the way down…. None of the other gang could give a hoot xx

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  2. Mais bien sûr; any change to His Royal Highness’ routine must be approved by him. Obviously this breech of protocol cannot be excused…kettlebell to the rear end indeed!😾

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