Qu’il mange de la brioche

Cat Daddy and I are going away later this month, and Blue the Smoke Bengal’s mamma will be on Louis Catorze duty during our absence.

We are feeling both relief at the prospect of getting away from his nonsense for a couple of days, and moderate anxiety in case he plays up on her watch. Blue is a very easy cat to look after, with just dry food and water (plus the odd pigeon but, since he puts them under his mamma’s bed and cat-sitting duties don’t stretch to looking there, it’s her problem and not mine). Catorze is, erm, rather more complicated.

Yesterday Blue’s mamma came over for dinner and for her Roi orientation, and I wasn’t especially looking forward to telling her that she would need to come in 48 times a day, each time dispensing 0.125 scoops of food sprinkled with 6.3ml of water heated to exactly 100 degrees. Luckily, after a few glasses of Crémant, she seemed to take it quite well. At worst, if he refuses to eat for the entire time that we’re away, he can just live off his body fat like a hibernating grizzly bear (but a much smaller one, obviously).

Here he is, having decided to do an Insulate Britain-style sit-down protest this time. I wouldn’t put it past him to have glued himself to the floor:

“Feed moi.”

16 thoughts on “Qu’il mange de la brioche

  1. Maybe he’ll be super nice and easy with Blue’s mamma, maybe he only wants to drive YOU crazy 😉 (I am leaving for a weekend, too, and really worried about Miss Penny, whose feeding/medication routine is as complicated as Sa Maj’s!)

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    1. If he does that, it will be both a relief and really bloody annoying. What does Madame’s routine involve?


      1. 1/2 can of wet food mixed with the medication, morning and evening, then once she ate that 1/2 I can put the rest in the bowl, and 1/2 cup of mixed dry food, the one for the kidneys and the one for the articulations in the evening. Plus a full glass of fresh water for Madame each time 🙂

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        1. Oh my, that is complicated! Does she happily eat the food with her medication in it? Sa Maj doesn’t. I tried it one time and he gave me the “Go home; you’re embarrassing yourself” look.


            1. That’s so good! Her feeding routine sounds complicated but, if she takes her meds in food, that is an amazing return for your efforts!


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