J’adore mon nouveau lit (enfin)

Cat Daddy and I spent the weekend in the Midlands, watching Brentford beat Wolves. And, whilst there (not in the stadium, obviously, but in the place where we were staying) we bumped into these two magnificent chaps:

Twice the size of Sa Maj … but then who isn’t?
The same one again, caught mid-scream.
This tailless one was nervous but still very sweet.

Cat Daddy: “Is this, like, Black Cat Town or something?” If it is, I’m definitely coming back.

In other news, merci à Dieu et à tous ses anges: we appear to have a result with the new bed, with Louis Catorze finally sleeping in it the other day:


However, he hasn’t used it to sharpen his claws, not once. He is still using both the stair runner carpet and the outdoor cushions, and Cat Daddy has yelled at him at least 963 times in the last day or two for doing this.

I should be switching to his autumn-winter igloo from Wednesday onwards. However, because Catorze is so dense, there is a real risk of him forgetting that his spring-summer bed was ever a thing and, when I reintroduce it next March, he will most likely stare at it as if it were some alien life form sent to destroy the planet. Oh no, wait … THAT’S HIM.

So I shall keep it in place for a little longer but, as soon as October hits, only the El Día de Los Muertos igloo will do.

23 thoughts on “J’adore mon nouveau lit (enfin)

  1. Cats never seen to do what you want them to do. We have a nose, expensive wood scratcher but all three cats prefer using the brand new chair my wife bought. Why she buys new furniture, I don’t know. We bought a sofa and loveseat last November and they used those as scratching posts but now the chair is newer and so much better.

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    1. Oh goodness! The new chair and the love seat! Do they all do this? Did one cat start the proceedings and the others followed?


        1. We are very lucky indeed that Sa Maj doesn’t touch our leather sofas. We do wish he would scratch his bed and not the carpets and cushions, though!

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  2. Cats scratch not only to sharpen their claws. They also do it to mark territory. That’s probably why Louis has scratched the new outdoor cushions as soon as he saw them.

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