Londres est en flamme

Louis Catorze does not like sitting on bare skin. He favours fluffy blankets or denim, merci for asking.

He is also not a fan of, erm, the fan. It’s not the noise, but the breeze; he seems to find it quite annoying and moves away, flicking his ears and muttering obscenities under his breath, when I direct the airflow towards him.

So here I am, in a 30+ degree heatwave, sitting beneath a fluffy blanket and with the fan OFF, with the equivalent of a fur hot water bottle on my lap, to allow said fur hot water bottle to relax in what he believes to be comfort. I don’t know which is/are flowing faster: my sweat or my tears.

And, before you say anything, I bet you would all do the same (not for Catorze, obviously, but for your much nicer cats). In fact, I’m pretty sure you have done worse.

“Switch this on and I’ll slice you up, chère Maman.”

30 thoughts on “Londres est en flamme

  1. My cats seem to enjoy the fan – open windows – etc. Only as it cools off toward morning are they likely to come sleep on me. Thank you for reminding me how thankful I ought to be !

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  2. Chris is the opposite. He likes bare skin. I have to cover up every inch of my skin so he won’t scratch me but he will dig at the covers until he finds a way to stick his claws into my bare skin.

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      1. Yes. I think cats like heat. Frankie alway sits in front of the TV and always on the right side. The cable box is on the shelf under him and I think it generates heat, which is why he likes it, even during a hot Florida summer.

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        1. Oof. What temperature does it get to in the summer? I think our worst was something like 37 degrees last year or the year before, and that was pretty grim.

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            1. The humidity must be an absolute killer. Ugh. To be fair 30+ degrees isn’t THAT normal here, but since climate change has stuffed things up no doubt it will become the norm. 😐

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    1. Aww, poor sausage, I hope it doesn’t make his ears hurt, but you could be right! Anyway, he has the right idea, sleeping deep in the undergrowth of our garden; sheltered from the sun.


  3. My old cat, Sosso, RIP, used to looooooooove to get under the cover when I was in bed and to lay down across my belly and purr there for hours while I was cooking and melting and slowly dying of a heat stroke! If there was no cover she was very sad, even if it was +30 degrees! I was less enthusiastic, but I loved her, so of course she won 😀 Fortunately (and sadly), at this point, Miss Penny doesn’t even get on me at all, let alone NEAR me, so I’m safe for now.

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    1. “OF COURSE SHE WON.” You didn’t even need to say that bit. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  4. I don’t think either of my cats like bare skin. They are used to fans, but really become alert and kittenish when the A/C is on….so I’m guessing that cool is best! It’s currently 32C, but real feel of 37 due to the humidity….roll on winter I say!

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    1. It’s been 31 here for the last couple of days. Poor Catorze just hides away during the day in his shady spot and comes out only to eat and drink once, when it gets dark.


  5. My lap cat prefers a sweater or towel underneath him, but thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind the fan. You’re totally right, though– I’d put up with no fan for him. Cats knew what they were doing when they latched on to humans 🙂

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