Tenter le sort

Cat Daddy really should know better.

10:00pm: He complains that Louis Catorze hasn’t caught any rodents or birds all year, and claims that cats who hunt are more manly than those who don’t (?).

4.39am the next day: The little sod screams repeatedly in my face (note: not in Cat Daddy’s face but in MINE) and I know instantly that something is up.

Catorze used to bring his prey to our bedroom, which was disgusting but at least there were no surprises. Now, however, his MO is to announce the special delivery and then send us on a treasure hunt for whatever and wherever it may be. I searched in all the usual and unusual places to find nothing and, naturellement, after all that palaver, I was wide awake and there was no point trying to go back to sleep.

Later that morning, I went outside to work out on my aerobic step. It was then that I found the dead mouse, right in the spot where I would lay my head to do my sit-ups, with flies starting to gather around the aromatic smell of sun-cooked mouse as it was one of the hottest days of the month. Ugh.

Anyway, Cat Daddy removed the mouse and took it to the mouse graveyard aka the bin in the park over the road, luckily not bumping into That Neighbour who would regard this sort of thing as fly-tipping. And, when I finally did my sit-ups (avoiding the bit of mouse-patio, obviously), Catorze circled me, screaming his lungs out. I imagine he was either searching for his mouse or rejoicing in the fact that I was dying of heatstroke and then he would have Cat Daddy to himself.

The fun never stops here at Le Château. Sadly what passes for “fun” is questionable.

On the lookout for the next mouse.

18 thoughts on “Tenter le sort

  1. I am extremely grateful Miss Penny and I live on the 4th floor. Her “preys” are mosquitoes and butterflies and bees and flies, whose cadavers I find all over the house in the morning, but I can deal with that 😀 Sa Maj would laugh at her 😉

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  2. So, Le roi didn’t like his daddy’s comment about not being manly! He had to show he could hunt….so the present had to be left for you! Dad didn’t deserve it !

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  3. More “manly”? One of my little calicos -who, like most calicos was a female-knew where a garter snake had its burrow and waited daily for it to emerge so she could attack it. I got in the habit of coming along daily to find the snake coiled up with its head covered by the coils as she whaled away at it. Cat Daddy needs to join the current century,

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    1. It would be nice if he even joined the last century! I think female cats are known to be better hunters as they have to show their kittens how it’s done!


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