La menthe des chats

So … cats and cat mint: who knew?

Well, ok, we all knew, but it’s still very funny to watch.

As you may be aware, Louis Catorze was a regular catnip user during his time at the rescue (for medicinal purposes) and, every now and again, we let him indulge in the dried stuff. In fact, when I cleared out his medicine cupboard – whose contents looked more like police-seized contraband than pet supplies – I discovered TWO containers that I had believed to be empty or near-empty, but which still contained enough gear for a couple of good sessions.

Honestly, Officer, that stuff isn’t mine.

However, I had never seen Catorze with the fresh herb until Cat Daddy, Puppy Mamma and I went to the local flower market and came home with heaps of lovely new plants. Puppy Mamma bought some cat mint as a gift for Sooty and Sweep, her babysit cats, but, when she stopped by at our place for a cup of tea before going home, someone got to the cat mint first.

Cat Daddy and I had also bought some cat mint for Catorze. When presented with his own stash, he chewed it, then rolled around on the patio – not the way you’d imagine a cute little cat roll, but more like the terrifying death roll of a crocodile drowning its prey – eventually returning to Puppy Mamma’s bag, all psycho-eyed and stoned, having decided that forbidden herbs intended for others were more fun than his own.

Below is a photo of said bag invasion, although I wish that I’d videoed it instead of taking a static picture. Catorze’s scrabbling, my laughter and Puppy Mamma’s cries of “Noooo! My Turkish delights are in there!” would have added a certain something to the whole viewing experience.

Not his bag, not his gear.

17 thoughts on “La menthe des chats

  1. Well, if he uses up someone else’s his will still be fresh.

    Are her “Turkish Delights” a plant, or did she have a stash of candy in there ?

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    1. It was candy! We stopped at the healthy bulk food store on the way back from the plant fair, and our favourite thing to do is to buy the unhealthiest things there; she buys Turkish delights and I buy those coconut things covered in chocolate! 🤣

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  2. H.I.M Xenia has rolled in fresh nip so much that she helps spread the seeds. It’s a weed in the garden now. When there was a large population of loose cats in the neighborhood we’d get wild cat parties. Now Catorze has buddies who visit? Once the stuff spreads Catorze and friends will make a bunch of drunk college kids look tame. As our idiot politicians like to say…our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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    1. It’s both eventful and ridiculous. I struggle to fit everything in, and it’s an effort to hold back from posting multiple times a day! Thanks so much for following. 😊

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  3. Love the photographs, but be careful with the first one… that could get you into trouble! Jimi also loves to check out my shopping bags when I return from shopping. So funny…

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    1. Haha, you should have seen some of the 2016ish photos when I was cutting up Sa Maj’s Gabapentin powder with my credit card! (Not joking. That really did happen!) Does Jimi look in your bags irrespective of what you’ve bought?

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      1. I think Jimi knows (or smells) most of the time there will be fresh shrimps inside the bag. Every time I have to buy an extra portion… 😉

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  4. Did he get the munchies? 😹 If so, you may have unwittingly stumbled upon the answer to his appetite…just keep him stoned LOL
    Of course,that may require warning the neighborhood once Sa Maj ramps up his hijinks…🙀

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