Quand le prof est prêt, l’élève arrive

After barely seeing any visiting cats at Le Château over the last six years, we are now inundated.

As well as Donnie, Blue the Smoke Bengal and beefy tabby Tigger, Cat Daddy recently spotted a large (although, to be fair, they’re all large compared to Louis Catorze) grey and white cat that we’d never seen before. We’ve named him Jaws because he has the grey upper and white underbelly colouring of a great white shark. And he’s probably not far off the same size, too.

Cat Daddy: “What the hell is going on? It’s Cat Alley around here these days. I reckon they’re coming for the drugs. Word must have spread that Louis has the best stash in the neighbourhood. He’s the Keith Richards of the cat world.”

In other news, I FINALLY DID IT: I sent photos to the phone number on Donnie’s collar tag, with a message saying, “If you’re wondering where your boy is, he’s here in [our street] having fun with our cat, Louis Catorze.” And his humans have replied.

Hilariously, they WERE wondering where their boy was, and it seems that there have been many moments when they’ve believed him to be somewhere in their own house or garden, but he’s actually been here. However, they are delighted to know that he has a safe place on his travels and a friend who looks out for him.

Donnie’s real name is Theodore, or Theo for short, although we can’t seem to stop calling him Donnie no matter how hard we try. And he’s even younger than we thought: just 10 months old. Quite why he would come all this way to seek out the company of an old man like Catorze is beyond me, but I rather like the idea of Le Roi teaching his little* apprentice the ways of the world or, at the very least, HIS world.

*Donnie is actually just a fraction larger than Catorze, but you know what I mean.

I even managed to broach the subject of, erm, les cerises noires, and it turns out that Donnie does, indeed, still have a full set. However, I think I’ve managed to assure his humans that it’s in his interests to have them taken off, and they seem to be tired of never knowing where on earth he is, so hopefully les cerises noires won’t be there for much longer.

I don’t know what kind of conversation is going on in this photo (not great quality because I took it through the patio doors) but I imagine it’s Phase 1 of their plan to kill us all and take over the world.

“La domination du monde requires clean paws. Keep washing, mon gars.”

28 thoughts on “Quand le prof est prêt, l’élève arrive

    1. By road and for a human it’s about a couple of minutes’ walk, but through the Zone Libre and with their little feet it must take much longer. 😬

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  1. Congratulations for clearing up the «cerises noires» issue.
    By the way, are you sure the two cats don’t plot to become Lords of the Underground?

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    1. Yes, I had to ask and I hope I didn’t come across as too preachy about neutering. Let’s hope they’re gone soon. 🍒 ✂️

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    1. I’ve wondered that too. It didn’t with Ginger Impinger Dosti but he lives about twice the distance away. I kind of hope it does because I love the fact that Sa Maj has a friend!

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    1. It’s a very gradual process so, no, not yet. They’re still on Mind Control, and haven’t yet moved onto the next part.


  2. Our garden is also a « Cat Alley », but among the cats which cross our yard every day, only one is our cat’s best friend. He is a male ginger one. As we still ignore his name, we call him «Rourou». The two of them are only one year old. Rather than plot, they like playing together.

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