Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan B Partie 4)

Oh dear. It was all going so well.

After successful completion of Phases 1 and 2, we had just started the third and final part – mainly new food alongside a tiny amount of old – when Louis Catorze decided to throw some last-minute bâtons in the roues by switching from BST (British Summer Time) to CST (Catorzian Summer Time).

If you have a cat, you will be aware that they have a Summer Time Mode: eating less, sleeping less, constantly being outside, and so on. This tends to start in late spring – although never at the same time every year, just to be extra unhelpful – and, usually, it’s not a problem.

However, I really could have done without it happening during Le Grand Changement; when I see food still in his plate, I have no idea whether this is because he no longer likes it, or it’s gone a little stale, or he has a touch of the Summer Unhungries, or he’s been having such a good time gadding about in the Zone Libre that he just forgot about eating. It could be any, or all, or none of the above.

Catorze usually eats his first meal of the day at 7am; however, now he isn’t hungry until 5pm or later. It’s impossible to second-guess how much he wants to eat and when; and, although it’s not the end of the world if his food sits around for ages before being eaten, it’s still quite annoying. (Do I count it as an uneaten/rejected portion, or not?) And, if he chooses to ignore his pills – as seems to be the case at the moment, right after I told one of his followers how lucky I am that he happily eats them – it then puts me under pressure to Greco him to even out the space between doses.

Cat Daddy has not been helping matters by keeping Catorze up late during gin-fuelled Boys’ Club sessions, stuffing up the little sod’s body clock even further. And I suspect there may be drunken midnight feeding going on, although I can’t prove it (and Cat Daddy says he can’t remember).

Anyway, Plan C – Orijen Six Fish – is on standby, just in case. At a heart-stopping £29.99 for 1.8kg it’s the priciest of the bunch, so I really don’t want to deploy this unless there’s some dire emergency (Canagan factory blowing up, Scotland gaining independence and no longer being able to export salmon to us, that kind of thing). Even my sister, who hardly ever swears, used an unrepeatable expletive when she saw how much Orijen costs.

Please keep your fingers crossed that Catorze doesn’t score a stoppage time winner by doing something else idiotic on the last day.

Don’t make us do this.

12 thoughts on “Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan B Partie 4)

        1. Haha, I guess at least they balance each other out! 🤣 Louis is closer in age to Cocoa, yet at times he acts more like Chanel. 🤷‍♀️

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  1. I learn a lot when reading your cat’s adventures. I didn’t know there were Pill Pockets meant to help us; I didn’t know there was a Summer Time Mode either. Now, I wonder whether we live on the same planet.

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  2. Crossing all fingers and claws that Catorze doesn’t read your blog and simply wants to annoy you! Miss Penny doesn’t understand that “daylight” doesn’t mean “let’s wake up and eat!” so she’s waking me up earlier and earlier every day (now around 5am, in mid-June it’ll be at 4am) 😦

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    1. Oh, I am certain he wants to annoy me whether he reads the blog or not! Naughty Miss Penny. Does feeding her later at night make a difference?


      1. She has dry food all day all night! It’s the wet/morning food she wants, even if her dry-food bowl is still full! It’s the “time-to-take-care-of-me, slave!” that matters, it seems!

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  3. Oh dear – well, mine don’t do any special time zones except they are effected by daylight. But they eat willingly. because there are several, so if one doesn’t eat it another one will. But I don’t think Catorze is a candidate for feline companions.

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    1. Well, he doesn’t eat with anyone, but he’s just found a new playmate! I’ll be blogging about him soon! 🐈‍⬛


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