Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan B Partie 1)

Plan A has come to an end, and it has been somewhat mixed. (Non-Brits: if your British friends ever use the adjective “mixed”, it’s bad news and you should make them some tea immediately.)

We tried for almost a week for those three days of happy eating and, regretfully, what Catorze demonstrated was more like occasional, reluctant nibbling; of the dozen tasting menu portions served over the week, the little sod only ate two at the start and then no more.

When Plan B arrived I hand-fed him a couple of pellets as an experiment, and he ate them. When I did the same thing with some Plan A pellets immediately afterwards, he refused. Which was pretty conclusive proof that he just DOESN’T LIKE PLAN A.

At that point we decided to bin it and move to Plan B.

Cat Daddy’s Helpful Comment of the Day, to Catorze: “Poor Louis. Life’s been hard for you, hasn’t it, with two bowls and two foods to choose from? It must be confusing for an old, thick boy like you.”

Catorze: “Mwah.”

Anyway, Plan B is Canagan Scottish Salmon, which claims to “excite even the fussiest of felines” (please, Goddess, let this be true). The recipe also calls itself “perfect for your feline friend”; obviously Catorze considers himself my imperial sovereign and commander rather than my friend, so we haven’t told him about that bit.

I sense chaos, anarchy and more sleepless nights ahead. We will keep you informed of our progress (or lack thereof).

Catorze’s ancestors ate this? I didn’t know they went for Scottish salmon in the land of fire and brimstone, but … ok.

20 thoughts on “Le Grand Changement de Nourriture (Plan B Partie 1)

    1. Tuna are MASSIVE fish. I think it’s more likely that a tuna would leap out of the water, snatch a cat in its jaws and dive back in again. (Is it bad that part of me thinks that would be quite funny to see?)

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        1. Our good friend Google tells me that the smallest type of tuna is around 7kg, so 2 x Catorze. The largest ones – Atlantic bluefin tuna – can apparently be up to 250kg! 😱😱😱

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  1. Scottish salmon ? This may link back to those Lake Monsters that seem to frequent more than just Loch Ness, thus explaining a connection to the Netherworld.

    My cats are more interested than the juice I drain off a can of human tuna than they are in the tuna itself.

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      1. Jimi likes it a little bit, but not like Mr. Bowie; salmon was the favourite food of Bowie. Jimi loves shrimps a lot and he had 2 plates last Thursday… 😉

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        1. Catorze’s big brother Luther also loved shrimps! In fact, we always have them on 27th March (his birthday). Sa Maj himself isn’t bothered. In fact, he rejects most things put in front of him, which doesn’t bode well for Le Grand Changement …

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  2. I find it normal that cats don’t all like the same things. After all, neither do we! I wish there were places where we could take our cats to try different foods so we wouldn’t have to waste hundreds of dollars trying to find what they like. I was feeding Miss Penny what I used to feed Calinette and I thought she was a finicky eater, until my personal shopper made a mistake and bought the wrong food, and I realized that Miss Penny actually eats A LOT when she gets something she likes. I hope Sa Maj will appreciate the salmon of his ancestors, it looks wonderful (and very expensive) 🙂 Crossing fingers!

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    1. Haha! Yes, I think it is a case of finding something he likes. He didn’t like Plan A, but hopefully Plan B will be to his liking. (I have also thought beyond Plan C just in case …)


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