Mange, crie, aime

This week I left the front door open by accident after putting out some recycling. Louis Catorze, without so much as a blink, seized the opportunity to escape out at The Front – YES, AGAIN – and, when Cat Daddy went to shut the door, he found the little sod screaming at a random passer-by in the street.

Now, of the 835 occasions that Catorze has caused mayhem in the street, we have probably only been present for a couple. It’s embarrassing enough when That Neighbour escorts him back to Le Château and we have to imagine all the horrific things he’s done whilst out on the rampage. But nothing – je répète, NOTHING – is as mortifying as actually being there. Because not only do people then know that he is our cat, but we are also obliged to Do Something About It.

(And, yes, Cat Daddy did once try to scurry past Catorze in the street, pretending not to know him. But the little sod chased him down like a wolf hunting a rabbit, screaming himself witless, and there was no escape.)

There was a brief conversation between Cat Daddy and the lady, and I heard him say, “Yes, he’s a noisy one, isn’t he?” Then he and Catorze came in, with Cat Daddy rolling his eyes and shaking his head.

He has not spoken about it since, and I have a feeling he never will.

This video was taken mid-February and isn’t of the actual incident – because I wasn’t there, thank God – but I suspect he sounded exactly like this. He’s a noisy one, indeed:

“Wahhhh! Aucune raison!”

20 thoughts on “Mange, crie, aime

    1. Ah, how strange. The video works fine for me both on the WordPress app and on the website. You’ve probably dodged a bullet, though. He is LOUD.


      1. I only get audio as well. Have messaged you Snoodle’s response – this was the second time, the first time was even better; she climbed on my lap to try and see where the noise was coming from!

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        1. I’ve just watched the video! Oh my goodness! 😱😱😱 She seemed concerned, rather than afraid, that a fellow chat noir was in distress!

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    1. Luckily this one wasn’t at 3am. But it was in broad daylight, so we couldn’t use the “It must’ve been some other cat” excuse. 🙄

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    1. Well, yes, it didn’t take him long to scream himself witless. But then he screamed some more for good measure!


  1. It served CatDaddy right for thinking he could walk outside and not acknowledge Catorze. Being chased down and screamed at wasn’t so bad if there was no bloodshed involved.

    We also got audio only. But we get similar results when we are on one side of the back door feeding those cats, and the ones on the opposite side of the door realize we are ignoring them !

    C’est la chat !

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            1. He certainly is. He loves being around people and, aside from preferring men, he’s not that fussy who they are! 🤣

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