Au clair de la lune

Cats and full moons, Mesdames et Messieurs: whatever you’ve heard, it’s all true.

A few nights ago, during the full moon, Louis Catorze’s behaviour was utterly out of control, with relentless hours of racing around, whining, screaming and so on. As usual, Cat Daddy slept through it and he didn’t believe me when I told him how dreadful it was.

Cat Daddy: “I might have heard maybe one meow, but that was it. Wasn’t it?”

No. Not by a long way.

Anyway, the next night we experienced similar chaos, no doubt because the moon remains full for a day or two before waning and therefore the psycho behaviour doesn’t just switch off. This time Cat Daddy DID witness it.

The next morning he said, “He was absolutely manic after you went to bed. Wouldn’t stop screaming. We went outside together and the screaming got worse. In fact, I followed him to the end of the garden, and I swear he was trying to lead me to something.”

Oh. Holy. Hell. At this point I actually felt my soul leave my body.

Just when we all thought Catorze couldn’t get any creepier, THIS?

Cat Daddy’s theories as to what it could have been:

1. Foxes

2. Another cat

3. Some sort of dead prey too bulky to drag through the gap in the fence

My thoughts:

1. Werewolves

2. Demons

3. A vortex leading to a parallel dimension, most likely the one from where Catorze originated in the first place

There is nothing visible at the end of the garden, nor on the other side of the fence, which could have been the source of Catorze’s animated mood. But, frankly, this makes it – and him – all the more terrifying, and I am now scared to be alone with the little sod.

Worse yet, it’s only July. What on earth is he going to be like in October, when his sinister Chat Noir power peaks and when we are set to have not one but TWO full moons?

Follow the black cat.

32 thoughts on “Au clair de la lune

  1. I swear some of our cats’ “day trips” were to a parallel universe, where their High Commander made them take the Full Moon Pledge, as I suspect my lifespan was perilously shortened by their antics on several occasions, at times aided/ abetted by various nocturnal critters. 😵

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  2. Cats are (in)famous for staring at things “we” can’t see. So you probably really aren’t in anymore danger than usual – you are just beginning to realize it.

    Just FYI :a former student of mine is a rather well-known psychic/medium. When she is called upon to investigate a place that may be haunted, her first step is to ask if there are any cats in residence. Make of that what you will.

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    1. I can imagine! Mysterious noises in the night, objects being moved, a sense that someone is watching you … ghosts or cats?

      Who is the medium, by the way? Are you allowed to say?


            1. I choose to stick my fingers in my ears and lalalala assume he will. However, if you disappear around Halloween, I will be forced to take my fingers out of my ears and assume His Majesty is mean as well as evil. 😦

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            2. That’s a good point. If anything happens to me, everyone will know why (although proving it will be a struggle as he always looks and acts cute for visitors!).

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  3. What day was he trying to lead Cat Daddy? Could Louis have heard Chanel’s scared whimper from within the top of our leylandii tree where she had probably chased a squirrel in hyper excitement???

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