Les pies bavardes

Louis Catorze went back to see the vet yesterday evening, but they decided against the month-long steroid shot as the previous ones haven’t been quite as effective as they’d hoped.

So the next step is the skin biopsy plus a couple of other things that can’t be done when he’s conscious because of his bad behaviour e.g. claw-clipping (just trimming the sharp ends to prevent him from cutting himself, not claw removal, obviously), an ear examination, a more in-depth eye check, and whatever else they feel the need to do. To be honest we’re at that point where we’re happy to let them take advantage of him being unconscious and do whatever they want.

Cat Daddy is going to drop him off on Wednesday morning and he will take the Special Animal Bus to TW3 and be back for collection in the afternoon, by which time they should also have his fungal culture test results.

Catorze is frustrated beyond measure at still having to wear Le Cône. But the one small silver lining of being Côned is that one can only get into limited amounts of trouble. (Yes, I realise that, ideally, one should not be able to get into any trouble whatsoever, but this is Catorze that we’re talking about.)

It was That Neighbour’s birthday last week and he was able to celebrate in peace without having to investigate God-awful screaming outside his window and then escort the offender off the premises. And Oscar the dog must be thoroughly punch-pleased that he can enjoy his garden without Catorze giving him grief, although he would perhaps be less impressed to know that his humans had come round to give love and cuddles to his nemesis at the weekend. (THANK YOU, Dog Family, for being the best people ever.)

We have been letting Catorze outside at The Back for short periods – under supervision, of course, and during daylight hours – which is one little piece of normality for him amidst all this horror. Le Cône prevents him from jumping over fences and from shimmying through gaps, so we know that he can’t possibly leave the garden. Yet, despite the fact that he always returns to the back door within minutes, it seems that this is the weak link enabling him to get into Limited, rather than No, Trouble.

Here he is having just finished annoying the magpies, who voiced their displeasure very clearly indeed:

“Je ne comprends pas, Madame Pie.”

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