Une chatte doit être deux choses: classe et fabuleuse

Attention all units: there is a new black French cat on the block! Such cheering news indeed after all the recent drama at Le Château.

This is Chanel, who is Cocoa the babysit cat’s new sister. And Cocoa has been a fantastic big brother, welcoming her and patiently tolerating her zany kitten behaviour. Here she is, looking utterly angelic and sweet, although we are not fooled in the slightest and are fully aware that all kittens are psychopaths:

“Je vais manger ton âme.”

So that makes a total of three black cats at our end of the street: Cocoa, Louis Catorze and now Chanel. And there is another one who lives at the other end, and who is probably blamed for most of Catorze’s rubbish, whose name we don’t yet know.

One could view this phenomenon in one of two ways:

1. Our street is the luckiest in TW8 (quite likely).

2. The Chat Noir Army of Darkness is multiplying and, one of these days/nights, they will overpower us and take over the world (considerably more likely).

4 thoughts on “Une chatte doit être deux choses: classe et fabuleuse

  1. Ah, The Tribe prefers the second reason for the phenomenon and must note here that it is not only the chat noir planning world takeover. I purrsonally know some Siamese, American Shorthair and Tabbies who are fighters for the “cause”. We hope Catorze is feeling better!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,

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