Mon cerveau est la clé qui me libère

We survived Christmas Day with Louis Catorze only escaping out at The Front once. After spending the morning thundering around the house, screaming, he then slept for the rest of the day and gave us some peace.

Catorze may well be the expert in supernatural teleportation that defies the laws of science and nature, but his Cat-Cousin King Ghidorah is nailing the more terrestrial, Houdini kind of escapology.

The little sod was under house arrest recently whilst he recovered from an eye infection, so my sister took the TRIPLE precaution of locking the cat flap, taping it up and placing the huge kitchen bin in front of it. The next morning she came downstairs to find the bin tossed aside, the cat flap like this (below) and no sign of King Ghidorah.

It’s not hard to see how he might have toppled the bin, but we are utterly mystified as to how he unpicked the tape and turned the lock. And, the next day, he managed to move aside Barricade 2.0: a bucket full of bottles of Prosecco and beer that even my sister cannot lift on her own, although her double-taping and extra layer of cardboard defeated him.

It makes a change for me to get to laugh at another cat’s abysmal behaviour. But, as all cats are connected and controlled by The Mothership, I don’t suppose I’ll have long to wait before it’s Catorze’s turn to raise/lower the bar (depending one’s perception). *EDIT: A few days after I drafted this, I woke to the sound of clawing and caught the little sod using my favourite dress as a scratching pad.*

Here is King Ghidorah, looking the picture of, erm, innocence:

23 thoughts on “Mon cerveau est la clé qui me libère

  1. We had a similar problem with Hendrix. Ended up with getting a special cat-proof cover made by our tame handyman! King Ghidora is handsome and he knows it!

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  2. My Ozzie, also a house panther, earned his Houdini nickname by escaping from locked rooms. Drove us absolutely round the bend! Caught him repeatedly pawing at L shaped lock until it turned. Voila! Turns out it’s Naughty Cat School Course: Door 101 😂

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  3. The King certainly looks regal. And that was a very impressive feat. Snoops can get into every cabinet we own (including the ones with the lift handles, but she is nothing compared to your family cats.

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