Trop de choses à faire

The winter solstice is fast approaching and, whilst Louis Catorze is following his natural instincts and burying himself so deeply into his igloo that I fear he might become part of it, Cat Daddy and I are doing the opposite. We have so much to do, including the following:

⁃ Buying, putting up and decorating our main tree, which Cat Daddy put outdoors one year because he didn’t want to disturb his boy’s main sleeping spot (even though he has 849 other sleeping spots) and has remained an outdoor tree ever since:

⁃ Buying and decorating Catorze’s tree (yes, Sa Maj has his own tree, although I don’t suppose he will agree to be pictured next to it)

⁃ Choosing a charity to receive the donation that we make in lieu of sending cards

⁃ Sending cards to the awkward people who don’t know about or understand the charity donation thing, and who would probably never speak to us again if we didn’t send them a card (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)

⁃ Organising the festive menu for the day (even though we still don’t exactly know who’s coming and for how long)

It’s all a bit manic and although, at times, we wish we could climb into that igloo with Sa Maj and just wait for it to all be over, we know how lucky we are that we are able to do these things. The people who can’t, for whatever reason, are very much on our minds at this time of year.

We hope that your festive planning is going well, and that it’s bringing you more joy than stress. In the meantime, Sa Maj is still in his igloo, and he won’t be budging anytime soon.

5 thoughts on “Trop de choses à faire

  1. I love that you have a tree for Louis!! Our tree is decorated with cats, crystals, hummingbirds..designed really with the girls in mind! Charlie has her very own Advent calendar too lol..! 😸

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    1. Ooh, crystals on a tree! I don’t know why I’ve not thought of that myself. That’s deffo on the list for next year (or this year if I can find any).


      1. It can become a little bit of an obsession finding the perfect graduation in size…but having crystals on trees opens the door to a whole new level of sparkly! This year I was delighted to find diamante dragonflies so of course I bought a packet…or three..if you have access to Dunelm they have some fab hanging crystals! ☺💎💎💎💎

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        1. I will deffo check them out! They’d have to be for Catorze’s indoor tree, though, as anything on the outdoor tree risks being blown away or attacked by passing cats! 🤣

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