Il y a une souris dans ma cuisine; qu’est-ce que je vais faire?

1e5e7a40-1d74-4d44-aa3f-eaeb4c01e4e6The curious incident of the herbs in the kitchen has been solved. 

After a thorough search, Cat Daddy discovered that a bag of green lentils had been chewed right through – which we had failed to spot before as the hole was minuscule, perhaps the diameter of a pencil – and the discerning mouse had taken care to discard the unpalatable outer casings. And, whilst green lentils look nothing like dried herbs, their shredded outer casings happen to look EXACTLY like them. 

The mouse had also gnawed through two packets of Cat Daddy’s as-yet-unopened, mega-posh teff flour (nope, me neither; I had to Google it), which were promptly thrown away along with the lentils. We have now moved all the packet food up to the top shelves and the tins and jars to the bottom, and we are desperately hoping that the squeaky little sod can’t climb/jump.  

Technically, because Louis Catorze jumped off my lap and went to investigate before we knew there was a mouse, he did, indeed, solve the mystery before us. He is not, however, completely off the hook. “Well, who do you think brought the mouse in here?” asked Cat Daddy. “It’s all his fault.” 

C’est vrai. As we have said before, the definition of good mousing is not bringing mice to a place where there were none before and then turning them loose to run riot. 

Anyway, we have no idea where the mouse is, and I guess we have no option but to keep an eye on our food packets for unusual spillages, and, of course, to monitor Sa Maj for suspicious sniffing and prowling. And, as the little sod has the revolting habit of bringing dead and partially-dead prey up to our bedroom, no doubt it will be abundantly clear when Project Mini-Mouse concludes.

Don’t worry, I shall share this with you at the earliest opportunity.

You’re welcome. 

12 thoughts on “Il y a une souris dans ma cuisine; qu’est-ce que je vais faire?

  1. The mouse may have gotten in by himself. They usually comes in couples. My cat leaves the dead ones in the kitchen for processing by the humans. My cat doesn’t go outside at all so the mice came in on their own. We run a 5 star hotel here for critters!

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  2. You can get a kind mouse trap which is a little plastic tunnel, smear peanut butter at the far end, mouse enters, door drops, mouse inside but unharmed. Then you can take it outside and empty the mouse out somewhere far from Louis 14. Rosanna

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  3. Oh dear! I admire you not getting screaming out of the house because of the mouse …! i”m not afraid of mice (of rats though!) but I don’t like them either, sneaky fast little creatures. The mouse may not be LeRoi’s fault entirely, because they do get inside on their own sometimes. I lived in an apartment once, first floor and my cat Simone was an indoor cat. She sat on the kitchen work plate for a few weeks, although she knew this wasn’t allowed. One fine day, I came home and she proudly sat beside a small, yet dead, mouse, asking me “didn’t I do good?”… So I had to praise her but also had to get rid of the mouse 😦 ! Awful experience, which fortunately only happened once!

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  4. We had a mouse problem after we bought our house. We kept seeing mouse droppings under both bathroom sinks and in the drawers. I think the cats never saw the mouse because it never came into the house but I did see Chris trying to open the door to get under the sink a few times. We ended up putting several bars of Irish Spring soap under the sinks and in the drawers and have not seen signs of the mouse since.

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    1. I’ve never heard of Irish Spring soap! I dread to think what they put in it, but, hey, if it works …


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