Le Roi est confortable: vive Le Roi!

I have swivelled Louis Catorze’s winter igloo around by 45 degrees. And, with the weather turning life-threateningly icy this week – London had a massive 5mm of snow on Thursday – he has been spending a fair amount of time in it.

Cat Daddy: “Are you serious? You’re writing an entire blog post about the fact that you’ve tilted a cat bed a little to the left?”

Well, ok, I don’t suppose any Hollywood big shots will be queuing up for the film rights to this one, but the comfort of Le Roi Soleil is at stake here. And that is not a matter to be taken lightly. 

Previously Sa Maj had to hop straight up and into the bed in one movement, as the entrance to the bed was right at the edge of the wooden plinth. But, with the new angle, he has plenty of plinth-space to hop up and can step more easily and dignifiedly into the bed. And he is also able to extend his front paws out onto the plinth and have a good old stretch mid-exit, as opposed to jumping out/down and THEN stretching. Naturellement I have been unable to capture his stretch on camera because he either comes out of his igloo too quickly, or doesn’t come out at all when I want him to.

Cat Daddy again, without looking up from his laptop: “Don’t forget to take a photo of the igloo at the new angle!” [He says the words “new angle” in his Alan-Rickman-as-the-Sheriff-of-Nottingham voice.] 

Quite right. Here it is:


5 thoughts on “Le Roi est confortable: vive Le Roi!

  1. I do the same kind of things for Popper. She likes to change where her sleeping comforts are, so I pre-accommodate by moving things around, wash the blankets and towels when needed, make sure she sees the adjustments. I never place her on the rearrangements as she hates that. It has to be her idea to choose.

    (The CD tries very hard to hide his love for Sa Maj, but we know better.)

    The photo is wonderful, as is the new Day of the Dead cubby hole.

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  2. well absolutement!!! huge difference. any lady can see that but men??? not so much. that’s why we have to do so much for them!!! well done you!!! and Louis? appreciate

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  3. Thy wishes art my commands, Dear Kitty! Yes, I make adjustments indicated by my kitty boys. I’m amazed there are people who don’t see they are the servant not the master! Ignore the commands at your own risk or feel disappointment when your kitties ignore the supposed improvement in their toys/food/sleeping dens/etc.

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