L’herbe est plus verte ailleurs

cdb3257b-d34c-4791-9af0-bdc56d45ddb9Last weekend I opened one of our kitchen cupboards to find some sort of dried herb, oregano or suchlike, scattered at the bottom. I accused Cat Daddy of having spilled it, he accused me, and in the end we both cleaned it up together. But it was only after cleaning that it dawned on us that there was no such packet of herbs in that cupboard. In fact, we have no such packet of herbs in ANY cupboard: all our dried herbs are in screw-top jars and are unspillable unless someone were to make a conscious choice to open the jars and disperse the contents. 

Yesterday morning, during my usual Roi-cuddling session, the little sod first pricked up his ears, then sprang off my lap and headed straight for that cupboard. He remained in this position (see photo above) for a good 20 minutes and, when I opened the cupboard, there was more green herb scattered everywhere, as before. You can just make out the light dusting that had spilled out and onto the floor, in the area circled. 

My first thought was a rodent of some sort, most likely brought in and deposited by Louis Catorze. But rodents, being the opportunistic users that they are, tend to help themselves to anything we may have, as opposed to bringing in new matter and scattering it everywhere. And, since sniffing the herb, we have discovered that it is not, in fact, oregano. It is virtually scentless and we have not yet been able to identify it. 

So … is a mouse smuggling strange herbs into Le Château bit by bit, the way Andy Dufresne from The Shawshank Redemption tunnelled out but in reverse? Or did Catorze bring them in for some curious purpose that only he understands, and perhaps a mouse has discovered his stash and decided to tuck in? 

We have no idea what is going on, but Sa Maj is on it. Assuming he is not the one responsible for the mystery, I have a feeling he will solve it long before we do. 

14 thoughts on “L’herbe est plus verte ailleurs

    1. It’s quite bizarre, isn’t it? We have designated this weekend a Weekend if Boring Tasks and, upon clearing out the kitchen cupboard properly, no doubt we will happen upon further clues …

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  1. On occasion we have found stores of nut kernels/ damson stones in our tv cabinet. Large amounts not just a few. We know our cats sometimes bring in live mice and they can be unlocated for a day or two but why and how mice stay in the house and take numerous trips in and out to store these nuts is beyond us. The unit is at the front of the house while cat tunnel, kitchen and patio doors are at the back over 30’ away!
    We suspect our daughter’s cat as the bringer in, while the other four continue to show no hunting instincts at all – hence this becoming a rodent motel 😦

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    1. A rodent motel! Oh my goodness! I really, really hope this does not end up happening here. How many rodents does it take to make a motel? A couple? Just one? 😧


      1. We think a few the one time it/they took up residence in the folds of the bed settee mattress (replaced!) and tried out some of the upholstery before I found out. But no dead bodies so we could only guess a number or time span given the mountains of kernels and amount of chew 😦

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  2. Could it be a rodent or insect shredding chipboard inside the cupboard? We have a rodent glampsite (as none are allowed inside). Today, there were 5 squirrels on the fence just outside the door, & 5 rats sitting below them eating the crumbs they drop… Rafe observes though the cat flap…

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    1. Hehehe! I bet there will end up being a very boring explanation (although I don’t know what as yet).


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