Le Cône est de retour

We have had a stressful few days at Le Château.

The mascara worked like a dream when freshly applied but, when it wore off, we were back to square one again. And, when I came home on Wednesday night, the tail-chasing and throaty yowling were worse than ever, at which point I discovered that Louis Catorze had gnawed the crap out of his tail.

I called the out-of-hours vet, who told me to give him some Metacam and make an appointment for the next day. So Cat Daddy cancelled his morning’s meetings and took him in.

It turns out he had a minor tail injury which was concealed by his fur, and that’s what was troubling him. Unfortunately all his biting has both worsened this AND given him a new injury on a different part of his tail that was fine before.

Obviously this isn’t great, but it certainly beats the previous theories that he might have had a mental disorder (how exactly does one treat such a thing?) or that we were too boring (again, I have no idea how to fix this; 44 years on the planet and I’m not about to suddenly become fun now).

Despite being walloped with the quadruple whammy of antibiotics, painkillers, a shaved tail and Le dreaded Cône, Le Roi is reasonably content and comfortable now and, more importantly, he can no longer bite his tail. And, because he can’t use the cat flap whilst wearing Le Cône, I had the surreal experience of sleeping in the kitchen with him last night, so that I could let him in and out, and throughout the night I had the privilege of constant cuddles. (Cat Daddy had shut the bedroom door and Houseguest Matt was out, but still: CUDDLES! FOR ME!)

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send messages of support.


7 thoughts on “Le Cône est de retour

    1. One of his followers has very kindly bought him a soft collar as a gift, and it’s arriving today or tomorrow! 😊


  1. Thank Bast his issue has a resolution and its not real serious! Can’t even imagine what it might be like to sleep in the kitchen to be the Royal Gate Guard but at least its only temporary. 💞

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    1. We have a sofa in there so it wasn’t utterly awful, although it was weird having the fridge whirring away!


  2. You are a wonderful and inpiring cat momma Nem. I’m actually pleased that the idea of hypoallergenic mascara seems to have worked, only negated by some other issue. Please give Le Roi a head bump from me…if and when you can reach his head with yours. Popper was looking at this Catorze pic, moving her head up and down and side to side trying to figure out what kind of cat was living in a seashell like a hermit crab. She sends her regards in the form of “WTH?”

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  3. Pauvre petit! You are a loving and devoted servant to his furry highness. This does not go unnoticed by Le Roi. Despite his pretense, vous savez bien qu’il il vous aime. Aprés tout, il a un image á défendre! (Même si c’est un peu indigne en ce moment) Praying that he heals quickly.

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