KramPuss, le diable d’hiver

One of our much-loved blog followers very kindly sent Louis Catorze a soft collar as a get-well gift. Thank you, Tally! What a thoroughly sweet and and thoughtful gesture, for a spoilt little sod that probably doesn’t deserve it. The collar has been a godsend in terms of allowing him to get comfortable and sleep properly, but the naughty boy has found all sorts of ways of exploiting its, erm, versatility.

On Friday, when we came home from a meal out, he had shoved one arm through it and was wearing it as a sort of off-the-shoulder top/cape, and the next day it was a 50s-style prom skirt. Unfortunately he cannot be trusted without a collar properly in place, and doesn’t even last a second without going for his tail again. So, with deep regret, I decided to put his plastic collar back on again, reserving his soft collar for supervised sleep sessions only.

Could I get it back on? Mais non.

To be fair, Louis Catorze wasn’t THAT uncooperative, although he did yowl and complain all the way through. I was just too stupid to figure out the weird fastenings; after I had finished, there were rough seams rubbing against his ears and bits of plastic sticking up in all directions. So back to the vet I went.

Because both Cat Daddy and Houseguest Matt were out, I had to take Louis Catorze myself. He fought like an absolute fiend as I put him into his box, and continued to struggle and writhe throughout the car journey and as I carried him across the car park. The two ladies in the vet’s waiting room (with their nice, calm cats) looked quite alarmed as I fell through the door, breathless and sweating, hair stuck to my face, just about managing to cling onto a violently-shuddering cat box.

As I waited, with the box continuing to spasm and jerk at my feet and the ladies trying/pretending not to notice, I sent an SOS to Cat Daddy. His helpful reply: “I don’t understand. He’s always fine when I take him to the vet.” Right. Thanks.

The vet showed me how to put the collar on properly, and we’re booked in again on the 22nd so that she can check his tail. This nicely messes up our holiday plans … but, having looked back at my blog entries from this time last year, it seems that that’s Le Roi and that’s what he does.


6 thoughts on “KramPuss, le diable d’hiver

  1. I love le Roi and your devotion to him. I’m hoping for a quick resolution, that the travails don’t mess with the holiday celebrations. I wonder what his Christmas presents will be…

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    1. He’s not getting any presents. He never does. He donates his present money to less fortunate kitties (yup, despite how dire things are for him, there ARE those worse off). Plus he’s had a new soft Cône & a new litter tray. That’ll do! 😊


  2. The vet lectured me on the proper way to shove Ferdi into his crate. Last week, when I took Ferdi to the vet for a shot, I followed the vet’s recommendation. So so not the right thing to do. Ferdi sprang out of the crate, ran through the house and halfway up the Christmas tree. He clung to the trunk and stared at me thru the branches and ornaments. He was laughing at the fact that my arms were far too short to reach him. But I am smarter. I walked off, grabbed his bag of treats and started shaking them. He slid down the tree and sprinted over to be rewarded. I grabbed him and stuffed him in the crate MY way. And yes, I still read your tales of Louis Catorze’s adventures to Ferdi who listens raptly.

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  3. Has Catorze been taking lessons from Simons’ Cat? While your descriptions of the ordeal are quite amusing, I feel for you. It’s heart wrenching to witness our pets’ discomfort and not be able to communicate that we are trying our best to alleviate it. Perhaps a cape would be an ideal xmas gift for such a royal…cat to roam his kingdom in style? 😂 Praying for a quick recovery.

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