Le diable en moi

Today’s trip to the vet was traumatic beyond belief. To be honest I could do with a week or two to allow my heartbeat to return to normal before writing about it but, if I don’t do it now, I shall wake up tomorrow and think I dreamed it all.

As expected, Louis Catorze needed another steroid shot – this time the longer-lasting one – and an antibiotic shot. But, after I reported seeing him shaking his head and shoving his back feet deep into his ears, the vet checked him as best she could under the circumstances* and said he would also need treatment for an ear infection.

(*I say this because the little sod really didn’t make it easy for her to check: he struggled, kicked and yowled so badly that I began to think we needed an exorcist, not a vet.)

The ear treatment process was twofold and, unfortunately, Louis Catorze writhed and complained like crazy throughout both parts, shaking the cleaning fluid and ear drops all over me, the vet and himself. And, because the whole ordeal had to be repeated on both ears, by the time it was over he was soaking wet and looked as if we’d tried to drown him. It was quite heartbreaking to see the fear and confusion in his face when the torment just didn’t ease up. The relentless attack of the cleaning solution followed by the ear drops followed by the antibiotic shot followed by the steroid shot terrified the poor sausage so much that he ran into his daddy’s arms and clung to him for dear life.

“How often do we need to give him the ear drops?” I asked, praying that the vet wouldn’t say “every day”.

“Ideally a couple of times a day …” she replied.

[Thudding sound from my sunken heart hitting the ground]

” … But I can see that it’s, erm, going to be a challenge,” she continued. “Maybe once the steroid kicks in and he’s a bit more comfortable, he won’t mind you doing it so much.”


Anyway, Cat Daddy is now pouring himself a big glass of Merlot, Louis Catorze is having an apocalyptic sulk under the bed and I’m wondering how the heck I’m going to get the ear drops anywhere near him without him kicking me to death. We need to take him back to the vet in a week’s time so that they can check on his ears again, but I just don’t see them being able to do it unless they sedate the whole darned lot of us first.

5 thoughts on “Le diable en moi

  1. Ohh, poor Majesty! I would suggest to be patient and when you need to put eardrops, put him in a bag (those you use to go to the gym), zip it up and leave his head out. He will not do anything and you would be able to put the eardrops in his ears. I used this “trick” with a cat of mine who was a darling but he did not want to take some tablets and this was the only successful way to do it. You could also have Feliway (I cannot remember the exact name) to calm him down, especially when you have to take him to the vet. If His Majesty has problems very often, would not be convenient for you to learn how to give him injections and in this way you could avoid the stress of taking him to the vet? Good luck and I pray God that His Majesty will fully recover.


  2. They should have a single malt Uisce Beatha and red wine bar near the entrance of the vet office for the home staff of Le Roi to garner liquid courage for the rest of the ordeal. And you’d think that a little cat nip dope on the exam table would help le petit saucisson. For real now, I can sympathize as I am the worst wet noodle in caring for anyone, man, woman or beast. Hell, I can’t even help the bride put in an earring. So, when I say I’m so sorry you had/have to go through this, you know I mean it. xo

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