Le solstice d’hiver


The winter solstice is almost here! Soon the days will gradually start to get brighter and will bring, along with the new light, the promise of spring and happy times.

This time of year is said to be most auspicious for making wishes for the future but, to be honest, we have everything we want: a home, food in the fridge & a happy, healthy Roi. So, to thank you all for your support, we have decided to donate £1 per person following Le Blog to an animal charity*, and to wish for a more positive future for the less fortunate kitties out there.

We are sure Catorze will have no objection to sacrificing a few festive treats to help his comrades. Plus he’s thick, so he won’t know.

May you all feel the magic of this beautiful season, and may your cats forever feel lucky and loved.

*Louis Catorze donated to Lilly’s Legacy, a rescue group which can be found on Facebook and which helps stray and missing cats. If you’d like to donate to them, too, their PayPal account name is lillyslegacy@hotmail.com.


7 thoughts on “Le solstice d’hiver

  1. Thank you both so much – from me and all of the furbabies staying with me this yule tide time ” have a wonderful, healthy and a very Merry Christmas xx

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  2. You have a wonderful warm and generous heart. Le Roi was very lucky to be adopted by you both. We (Maya, Inca, cat daddy and I) wish you a wonderful Winter solstice. May His health continue to be good. Also thank you for the paypal link.

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  3. Thank you for your donation and thank you for letting all of us peep through the window of his life to enjoy him with you. Happy Solstice to you all😸

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