J’adore les stéroïdes


It’s only been a few days since Louis Catorze’s trip to the vet, but already he is visibly better. His chin feels ugly as hell but it’s clearly healing, and the fur is filling out nicely around his eyes again. His spirits are also lifting, and he’s gradually getting back to being that sparky, chatty, annoying little sod that we know and love (and sometimes want to slap).

The difference in him is so pronounced that Cat Daddy and I have even been talking about the long-term use of steroids and whether they’re really so bad (especially given that the alternative is itchy skin, sore eyes and weeping open wounds). I am under no illusions that a cat like Louis Catorze will live to 20, or even 10, but I would far rather he live a shortish but happy life than a longer life of physical discomfort and depression. (Yes, he really does become depressed when his symptoms are at their worst.) A steroid shot every few months could even negate the need for his Atopica which, whilst non-steroid, is by no means without its long-term problems, too. And, of course, we wouldn’t have to trap, immobilise and syringe him every few days, which would be wonderful (especially as he has figured out how to wriggle free from my iron-fisted scruffing stranglehold – how he learned that is beyond me).

I never liked the idea of steroids before, but seeing my boy looking so much happier is starting to make me wonder. I guess it’s worth a bit of research and a conversation with the vet at some stage? If any of his followers have any steroid tales to tell, whether good or bad, I would love to hear them.

One thought on “J’adore les stéroïdes

  1. Our cat Sulley has Hepatic Lipidosis (fatty liver disease) which we discovered in April due to his refusal to eat. All throughout the summer we followed the advice of a holistic vet. We tried so many natural products, homeopathic, herbal, etc..It was a fight to get him to eat. Finally, we were recommended to an animal hospital in a large city an hour and a half away. After an extensive exam, we were prescribed a few medications, one of them is Prednisolone, a steroid. He has been on the steroid since that August appointment. He is now eating wonderfully & I have not noticed any side effects. He continues to have some medical issues due to his disease, but without the Prednisolone he would still be anorexic. We were just like you, afraid of using prescription meds, but we are quite thankful now!

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