Le lapin de Pâques

Louis Catorze’s tattoo sleeves have fully grown back. So now he looks more like a normal cat, and less like a [insert name of cryptozoological beast undiscovered by science].

However, his evil eye – the mysterious bald patch on his left shoulder – is taking some time to grow back, and its cause remains a mystery. We don’t understand it. The vet doesn’t understand it. Nobody understands it.


We have been truly perplexed as to what substance could have such an almost-corrosive effect on his fur. Then one of Catorze’s favourite pilgrims made me realise that there’s only one substance which would affect a vampire in such a way: holy water. And there happens to be a church within walking distance of Le Château.

Oh. Mon. Dieu.

Could Catorze have screamed at the poor, unsuspecting Reverend who, not knowing what on earth he was, panicked and threw holy water at him? And can we trust the little sod to leave the churchgoers alone on this, their sacred Easter weekend?

My niece, aged seven, created the fabulous piece of art below, depicting Catorze as the Easter bunny. The chances of him wearing such a costume in real life are slim-to-zéro, however he may well hop from garden to garden leaving little chocolate treasures …

Joyeuses Pâques à tous.

Picture by @earthtoevazarina.

19 thoughts on “Le lapin de Pâques

  1. Ah that’s such a lovely picture and sooo funny, and yes Merlot is a connoisseur of such cat ‘treats’, they’ve made him very ill (and me when I’ve realised what he has done) on several occasions Yuccky yuck yuck YUCK

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      1. Among several other disgusting things he’s done a lot if in the oast. Luckily he’s learned his lesson, has host me a fortune at the vets. Most dogs do it!!

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          1. Oh dear I’m suffering badly post covid and a lot of my messages need translating…

            He’s done a lot of in the past
            Cost me a fortune

            Actually this was probably one of my better messages lately!!

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            1. Ohhhh! I thought it was some euphemism meaning … well … I have no idea. Hence why I asked! 🤣🤣🤣

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  2. A costume on Louis? Nope. Not if you value your life. He does that evil eye thing to keep you on your toes. I heard he goes to a “guy” to get it done. Like a pedicure. The vet gives him a cut of his profits. Gotta love that cat!

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