Le jumeau maléfique

When Louis Catorze goes on the rampage in the neighbourhood, and we’ve been forced to wheel out the “It must have been some other black cat” excuse, we haven’t actually had a specific one in mind. What we say isn’t exactly a lie as such, nor is it quite the same as directly BLAMING another cat for Catorze’s misdeeds. … is it? It’s more like a simple omission, non?

Anyway, when Cat Daddy went for a walk the other day, he saw this fine gentleman at the wrong end of our street:

Well, hello.

I say “the wrong end” because all the things that good cats would avoid, but which are irresistible to the troublemakers – a busy junction, dogs galore and a pub with marauding drunk men – are there. However much we malign The Front, the real danger is at The Wrong End.

The only time Catorze has shown any interest in The Wrong End was on this excruciating occasion, years ago. Since then, a few people have claimed to see him there, but now it’s clear that it was this other black cat all along. To me, they don’t look remotely alike … but, if others think they do, maybe I should just play a strategic game and go with it?

No, that’s definitely some other black cat. Ahem.

24 thoughts on “Le jumeau maléfique

  1. Le Roi obviously considered that a “Community Boozer (their words)” full of men to be perfect territory for a cat who loves men.

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  2. The doppelganger looks a lot like Rosie 🙂 Much heavier than Sa Maj. But people who are not slaves of black cats don’t usually recognize one black cat from another. Their loss!

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      1. When we were living with Gary, a nice plump black cat, I was afraid of being unable to recognise him but I knew he was able to show me he was the right black cat.
        Now, the same happens with Timon who is a perfectly symmetrical tabby.

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  3. When we first had Cheeky as about a 5 month old kitten and she was ‘semi outdoor’ she had twin boys from a few doors up roughly the same age, they were bigger and stronger than her and we were afraid they would hurt her. But there was a concrete ramp going past our door onto a big communal garden, and the boys insisted on coming to call for Cheeky, I was worrying and I heard an almighty crack of black cat skull hitting the ramp and I rushed to see if she was OK and there she wa sitting on top of one of the boys who was on his back, their paws entwined and there was Cheeky ‘playing’ beat the boy up and knocking him back so his head was cracking down on the ground!! So you’re saying The Wrong End cat us a boy, how do you kjow? Maybe it’s a girl who is happy to live up The Wrong End because she can handle herself?? In which case, knowing how our Cheeky would behave, this demure looking cat could easily believed to be the cause of any mischief you care to accuse it of 😂😂😂

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    1. I always assume cats are boys, unless they’re especially dainty and girly-looking. Which, erm, Le Roi is. 🤣🤣🤣


  4. “All cats are gray in the dark.” The only two I have that are littermates are a large gray boy and his petite black sister. When they are dashing in and out in dim light I cannot tell the color, and can only hope to have a clear enough view to gauge size. I have hollered and hollered out the back door to no avail, only to walk back into the kitchen and see the cat I as seeking sitting by the food dishes looking at me like I was crazy,

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