Croyez-vous au destin?

The new WordPress Jetpack app gives a new prompt every day, to inspire anyone who might be in the midst of a creative dearth. Obviously I don’t need it because Louis Catorze’s misadventures always give me plenty of content, but the prompts are, nevertheless, food for thought; not only do I think about how I would respond, but I also consider how I might give each one a Catorzian feel.

Occasionally I even wonder how the little sod would answer them, although they would largely involve merde and the non-giving of it.

Last week, one of the prompts was as follows:

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

In general, maybe. But, when it comes to cats and how they come to be in our lives, most likely.

Obviously timing plays its part regarding which ones come our way, because much depends upon when the last cat leaves us, when we feel ready to start looking for the next, and which ones happen to be available when we do look. But, when the new one starts doing things that the previous one did, you start to wonder whether each might somehow be responsible for sending us the next.

I like to think that Luther enjoyed his time with us so much that he saw this sickly fellow Chat Noir and decided, “This cat deserves some good people”. However, it’s far more likely that he knew what a shite Catorze was, and thought, “Right … this will be funny!”

Here they are, pictured several months apart, sitting in our old house on the same step, in the same pose:

Luther: “Just hold still and let them take a photo. That’s it. Now watch their faces!”

15 thoughts on “Croyez-vous au destin?

  1. Our first calico had been declawed (by a previous owner) so when she caught a mouse, whe took it into the bathtub and let it run around til it wore itself out. Quite an idea ! We called it “The Mpiuse-O-Drome.”
    Several months after calico #1 died we found calico # 2 at a shelter – fully clawed, and having nothing to do with where calico # 1 came from.

    One night there was a commotion and there was calico # 2 sitting inthe bathtub watching another Mouse-o-Drome performance.

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  2. Timon often mimics his predecessor, and for the time being, it occurs mostly in the stairs 🙂
    For instance, when I was walking up the stairs, Timmy liked overtaking me and now, Timon does the same.
    As to the names Timon and Timmy, we didn’t choose them. The two cats were named by our children.

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      1. The worst is that Timon does the same thing as Timmy. He lets me walk up about three quarters of the stairs, then runs to reach the top of the stairs first making me burst into laughter.

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  3. (not finding anything smart to say, sorry, just crying because I miss Miss Penny so much, she was so old and fragile, and I am so glad she came to me during the pandemic so we could spend a lot of time with her. I wish I could do it again, better.)

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