La crise d’argenterie

Oh. Mon. Dieu. We have a Code Argent situation here at Le Château: Cat Daddy got drunk the other night and put Louis Catorze’s Louis XIV antique silverware in the dishwasher, and now there is a mark on the fork. I had a feeling that one of us would do this sooner or later. And I had a feeling it would be him and not me.


Cat Daddy: “Well, how was I supposed to know? It looks just the same as any other cutlery.” (It really doesn’t. We have a grand total of zero pieces of cutlery that look like this one.)

Now, should I continue to use the fork and hope that Catorze’s creepy kitty sixth sense doesn’t detect the imperfect silverware and cause him to reject any food tainted by it? Or should I … fix it? Is this a thing? How does one fix these things without use of a toxic liquid metal that would poison la personne royale?

Whilst we figure out what to do, Catorze is weighing up alternative food options:

A nice bit of écureil cru for dinner, maybe?

23 thoughts on “La crise d’argenterie

    1. This is excellent advice, but my efforts to Act Normal when something isn’t Normal (e.g. a vet visit) are pretty poor. I will do my best, though!

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  1. Both the ending of the story and the second picture are great.
    When having a look at the latter, I pictured Louis jumping down Cat Daddy’s lap to try to catch the gray squirrel through the window and Cat Daddy telling him some unfriendly « scrogneugneu de scrogneugneu de silly cat.».
    As to the mark on the fork, I can’t help you but I do hope someone else will do it.

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    1. Scrogneugneu? Is that a real word? If so, it’s wonderfully satisfying to say and it conveys the meaning perfectly!


  2. If it is silver plated, you can get home plating kits. How effective they are I have no idea as I’ve not had cause to need one. I have no plated cutlery.

    On the other hand, if it is solid silver you’ll need to polish the defect out.

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  3. My mother used to say “si tu n’es pas contente, la porte est là!” Granted, I don’t know if she’d have dared to say that if I had been a princess or a queen, but you could try…

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