Le sommeil aux yeux sombres

Legend has it that, if you go to bed early because have something important to do the next morning, a black vampire cat will appear in the dead of night and raise merry hell.

And that is exactly what happened the night before my first day back at school.

Going back to work in January after the end of the festive season is the most hellish thing there is … not because anything particularly bad happens, but because it just IS. And having to go through it on no sleep, because a certain bastard cat was misbehaving the night before, is excruciating. And, no, we can’t shut him out of the bedroom, because he would only scream, whine and scratch at the door. I had bitter experience of this many years ago, when I shut the bathroom door so that I could have a relaxing bath in peace.

I barely slept on Monday night because of all the purring, whining, rolling, pitter-pattering and parkour. And, when my alarm went off the next morning, I found a rubber band in the bed, which he had sourced from some unknown location and with which he’d messed around all through the night.

The next night I didn’t hear a thing from him, which, obviously, was great as I needed the sleep. However, it’s also annoying because it proves that he can pick and choose.

Here he is, feigning innocence. Bonne Année to you, too, little sod:

Bastard cat.

35 thoughts on “Le sommeil aux yeux sombres

  1. We love your pillows.
    Miss Peach waits til I am asleep and then comes in and sits on my face. But when I am awake and working on the computer, she also has to be in my face. I think it’s a thing of “If they are good union kitties…”

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  2. I never heard that legend before. 🙂 When we adopted Chris we couldn’t let him in the bedroom because he was so anno (and still is) but we also couldn’t keep him out because he would dig at the carpet. I tried many ways to close the door and protect the carpet but nothing worked. Our first three homes had carpet. The forth home did not have carpet but somehow he learned to open the door, even sometimes when it was locked.

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  3. Poor you. As you can’t change Louis’s behaviour, try to enjoy every night you can sleep to stock up on rest in case Louis behaves noisily the next one.
    By the way, can you explain me what IS does mean? Thank you in advence.

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    1. Ha, it doesn’t stand for anything. I was trying to emphasise the word “is”! Maybe I should have italicised it, since I use capitals for things like TUC?


          1. Oh right, sorry, I misread your message thinking you were asking a question! Of course Timon is often busy with it. 🐈‍⬛


  4. It’s always so difficult for me when I’m reading this kind of stories… It’s hard to believe such an innocent looking adorable cat is responsible for all your adversity and troubles. Are you sure you weren’t dreaming? 😉

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  5. This last week I’ve had the not-flu no-covid lurgy (still have) so not sleeping well. However, when I finally do get to sleep Tabbi Kat has been waking me up. On the plus side I’ve not had anything important to do.

    I know how they can be complete arses when they want. Usually at the most inopportune times.

    Need to be up early so have early night – woken several times.
    Difficulty sleeping – woken just as you get to sleep.

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  6. My guess is that he actually reads your blog and so he’s very generously trying to give you stuff to write about . If he were just a normal boring cat, life would be boring and you would have nothing to share with us 😉

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