Une famille de rongeurs

It’s not often that we catch Louis Catorze doing sensible things but, every now and again, it happens. And luckily I have photographic proof, otherwise I don’t think anyone would believe me.

Cat Daddy spotted him the other day at a new Rodent Duty station: underneath the bird feeder, staring intently at the spot where the bits fall. This makes absolute sense as a place, and it has answered our questions about how on earth he is finding all these mice/voles/shrews/moles/whatever.

The day after taking this picture, we saw him leap headlong into the sage, with his tail thrashing furiously. He didn’t emerge with a prize on that occasion, but it’s only a matter of time, n’est-ce pas?

Is it cruel for us to (indirectly) lure creatures to their death like this? Or is Catorze performing a vital civic duty?

Softly softly, catchee mousey.

18 thoughts on “Une famille de rongeurs

    1. He’s only ever caught one bird of which we are aware, and that was many years ago. I think they’re too quick for him, so he’s given up!

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  1. I’m happy you cleared up the rodent source mystery.
    As to Louis, he is just doing his ancestral cat job, isn’t he?
    Do you know that sparrowhawks can also be on the watch near some feeders to catch small birds.
    One day, I saw one of them flying away with a female blackbird in its talons.

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    1. Predators are very clever, aren’t they? Although I still can’t see Catorze as one. He’s more like a living teddy bear.

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  2. Well any ‘normal’ cat would be being naughty lurking under a bird feeder because they would obviously be hopeful of catching a bird. Maybe he has an amazing alliance with the birds?? Do they actually feed while he is there?? I’ve no story of my own to compare with as I’ve only thought cats were naughty and wanting to catch the birds!! I have a cat and bird story to share but nothing in common with this situation!! Should you wish to know about my cat Fido (yes I taught him that he was a dog!) and a blackbird just ask!!

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    1. No, they don’t feed with him sitting there. Next time I’ll try to pan out and snap them all sitting on the telegraph wires above, waiting for the apex predator to go away!


      1. Very wise birds and lucky for you because can you imagine what on earth would happen if Louis were to take flight after a bird at that height? Where might he land?! Love that he makes me use my brain on a dark dark day, has the world shifted its axis, are we turning into a country of perpetual darkness??

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  3. The only concern I’d have is that someone might have poisoned the rodents, and Catorze gets to one before the poison does. It’s a problem here– birds of prey (and other animals) are dying from eating poisoned rodents.

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    1. Oh good grief, I hadn’t thought of that! He hasn’t eaten any so far (to our knowledge – apart from that one whose head we still haven’t found!).

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