L’œil maudit (Partie 3)

October is upon us. And, would you believe, Louis Catorze’s evil eye has vanished into the swirling mists of autumn, as swiftly as it came.

I can’t explain it, but I suspect that what prompted the disappearance was me making an appointment with the vet for Catorze’s steroid shot, and planning to discuss the bald patch at the same time. I have plenty of pictures of it, of course, but they’re not much use to the vet. At least the appointment was relatively straightforward, though. Apart from the heavy rain, the long wait and the other two cats in the waiting room whom Catorze managed to rouse into song.

Here is what’s left of the area where the eye used to be:

I spy, with my little … oh wait, where is it?

Now that the appointment is over, and now that I have mentioned all this online, no doubt it will return, only to disappear again when I make the next vet appointment.

I am relieved because I didn’t want Catorze to start over-grooming the area, plus it was weird as hell. But, at the same time, part of me is disappointed that it won’t be here for Hallowe’en. I was quite looking forward to showing my black vampire cat with an evil eye to the trick-or-treating kids and watching them flee in terror.

Catorze may now look 1% less creepy than he did before, but I’m sure he will make up for that in other ways. I daren’t even think about what these could be.

Oh dear God.

19 thoughts on “L’œil maudit (Partie 3)

  1. I’m glad he is getting better at least in one way. I decided that I could be a vet. All I need is a big supply of steroids and antibiotics and I can treat every pet for every illness there is.

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  2. No no no, M. Huss! Your average mild mannered house moggy could end up addicted and form a syndicate of roving ‘roid raging Sa Maj followers…😱

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  3. Mais oui, Madame. Chez moi, ma petite soeur has 2, a steath black outlaw, Gypsy Starfire, who tips the scales at 2 kg and enjoys dumping the occasional flying roach into her mommas’ bed and Queen Trixie, a sweet/bitchy 3 kg tabby who Takes No $*!# from anyone, human or feline.😼

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  4. Gypsy is 7 months old, or as my sister puts it : ” You know how they always advise you to not not have a second “child” , because the second one is a little devil, despite the first one being an angel?” 😂
    Trixie is 2 years old. 😸

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