Traverser la tempête

We had a storm a couple of nights ago. I know this not because I heard the rain, but because Louis Catorze woke me at hourly intervals, absolutely drenched, to roll the water off onto the bed, before going back outside to soak up more water and repeat the whole process.

I used to joke about Catorze being like Lieutenant Dan from Forrest Gump (younger followers: ask your parents) during storms, although this was just for dramatic effect and I have never seen him behave in such a way. I have only ever witnessed him excitedly running outside upon hearing the rain, then sitting calmly in a sheltered spot and listening. (That said, his rodent kills often take place during storms, so he must have a touch of the unhinged about him.)

However, Cat Daddy has just told me that, during the most recent storm, he’d heard Catorze howling outside. Not screaming or whining, but that full-on, guttural cat fight sound. As far as he was aware, it was just one cat’s voice. So either evil Catorze had intimidated the other cat into silence (a bit mean) or he was howling on his own (just plain bizarre).

Me, hopefully: “Could it have been … some other cat?”

Cat Daddy, falteringly: “Well … I suppose I didn’t SEE a cat, so … y’know …”

Sigh. There was no point in trying to kid ourselves. It was him.

Oscar Wilde was right all along:

“At first art imitates life.” Yes, although calling Le Blog “art” is a bit of a reach.

“Then life will imitate art.” This is where we are at the moment.

“Then life will find its very existence from the arts.” I don’t know what this means, but this is the part that scares me the most; the thought of all life starting and ending with Catorze is the exact opposite of what we want/need as a society.

I don’t have photographic evidence of him goading the storm gods, because I have no wish to go out in the rain at 2am with my phone. However, here is a picture of him being all cute and playful with his papa, which shows what a liar and a faker he is:

Nice try, but we don’t believe you.

23 thoughts on “Traverser la tempête

      1. Last night, a full-on, guttural cat fight sound woke me up. As I never know if Timon is inside or outside, I left my bed to go see where he was and I met him inside, when going down the stairs. As you can see, even if Timon is not a king, he has got very good servants too.

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  1. He is a lucky boy. When we had a cat door it only went out to our screened patio and we usually closed it at night or when we were not home. Our cat Abbey once cut a hole in the screen and escaped, only to show up in the morning begging us to let her in.

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      1. Wondering why you don’t shut him in on stormy nights ? Or is his hollering worse than himcoming in soaking wet and drying himself on the bedclothes ? (Or might someone succumb to the temptaion to shut him out ?)

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        1. The screaming would be HORRENDOUS. Plus he doesn’t really like the litter tray. During the time he was Côned and under house arrest, he would refuse to go to the loo all night and then race out when it was his supervised time in the exercise yard.

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            1. Yes, that was surprising to us, too! Every morning the litter tray was pristine and unused.


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