Les herbes folles

Oh. Mon. Dieu. I have just found this among our condiments in the kitchen:

I don’t think the good people of Italy would approve of this in their lasagne.

This is the sachet of catnip that came free with Louis Catorze’s spring-summer bed. And the fact that I found it where I did suggests that a member of our household has been using it in our food.

Now, when someone asks you whether you used the cat’s gear for cooking, there really is only one correct answer. I was, therefore, utterly dismayed when I asked Cat Daddy and he replied, “I’m PRETTY sure I didn’t”.

Oh dear.

Luckily for Catorze, drugs that are given as a free gift with a purchase are nothing special, and his really good shit is safely hidden at the back of the cat cupboard. However, the next time Cat Daddy makes dinner, I’ll be making sure I don’t drive or operate machinery afterwards.

Photo taken by our friend Emily after consuming his birthday edibles. (Catorze consuming them, I mean, not Emily.)

27 thoughts on “Les herbes folles

  1. Catnip tea is often consumed by humans, so you need have no worries. (As long as it IS catnip.) Yoou can even give him oregano if need be.

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    1. Well, it’s too late now. We’ve probably eaten it. And so have the people who have come for dinner since we bought the spring-summer bed last year.

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  2. Erm…I think Cat Daddy might take offense: “Did you taste something odd after eating Cat Daddys’ cooking?” “Nothing out of the ordinary, no” 🤣🤣🤣 It might be time to secure a better hiding spot for the”really good shit”, lest it be mistakenly employed when one is a few glasses of ones beverage of choice under LOL

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    1. The really good shit is brilliantly hidden. Nobody could mistakenly use it in cooking even if utterly inebriated!


    1. I don’t know. We haven’t the faintest idea because Cat Daddy doesn’t know if he did or didn’t. My Italian friends would be disgusted if they knew.

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