Fixer le regard

A couple of days ago, Cat Daddy and I spent the afternoon in separate rooms watching different television programmes; I didn’t want to watch whatever dull sports thing he was watching and he didn’t want to watch gruesome documentaries about serial killers.

Naturellement Louis Catorze chose to sit in the kitchen with his papa but, after a short while, he came into the living room, where I was, to creepy-stare at me for food. It wasn’t long before I felt so uncomfortable that I succumbed to his sinister mind control, like a brainwashed cult devotee.

Me, to Cat Daddy, as I opened the Orijen tin: “I can’t believe you’re sitting in the same room as the food, yet he came to creepy-stare at ME. Why didn’t he creepy-stare at you?”

Him: “He did.”

Me: “What? And you didn’t feed him?”

Him: “No. I just ignored him. That’s why he went to you.”

Me: “For goodness’ sake. It would have been so much less effort for you to do it. I’ve just had to get up and move rooms.”

Him: “Well, that’s your own fault. You give into him too easily.”

Me: “…”

I have friends who get up at 5am to feed their cats because they can’t stand the physical bullying and intimidation, and I used to think they were pathetic. Yet here I am, being given the runaround just because this tiny, toothy little despot LOOKS at me in a certain way. He doesn’t make a sound. Mainly because he doesn’t need to.

What a look, though. I challenge anyone to remain in the same room with this (see below, with bonus tongue on this particular occasion) and not be desperate to make it stop:

“Feed moi.”

23 thoughts on “Fixer le regard

  1. When our cat Timon feels like playing with a human being, I’m the one who is asked to. Yet, my husband would be delighted to play with our cat.

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      1. Our cat first meows to draw the attention; then, he stares but of course, he doesn’t achieve to look as creepy as Louis does.

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  2. Hahaha… love that photograph. I’m convinced cats can control the human minds. You must be a Vulcan to say ‘No!’ to a cat…

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  3. Inca never bothers with me…’its always her daddy she goes to and snuggles up to….but come bed time and the last food station is about to open….she’s at my feet…staring very insolently….as if to say….”well…how about it!”
    This must be a black cat thing. Maya is much more polite!

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  4. Perhaps (despite what Cat Daddy says) Louis knew you were watching a serial killer documentary and felt you would be more receptive to his blandishments.

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