Les douze

Louis Catorze will be twelve years old on Saturday. This means that he will overtake Cat Daddy and become the oldest member of the household (based on cat years and their equivalent to human years).

When Catorze first came to live with us, we didn’t think he would live very long because he was such a sickly little thing. Yet here he is, not just soldiering on but positively thriving. My dream of him turning fourteen – simply so that I can tell people that Catorze is quatorze – is now a distinct possibility. Back in 2014 the idea of another ten years seemed a bit of a reach, but not anymore.

We had originally planned to be away for Catorze’s birthday – not to get away from him, I might add, but because Brentford are playing Manchester United away. However, the date of the match has been changed, so we will be here after all. Obviously he doesn’t give a shite whether we’re here or not, but I’m rather glad that we will be able to share his big day with him.

I had written a birthday song for him, too, remodelling the lyrics to Boney M’s Rasputin*. However, given recent events, it seems insensitive to post something with Russian references. I was looking forward to using the line “La la little sod, struts around as if he’s God” but he now has a new birthday song, to be posted on the day.

*Younger followers: ask your grandparents.

Here is the little sod, dreaming of the birthday tomfoolery that he can conjure up:

Relaxing on what he believes to be HIS outdoor sofa.

22 thoughts on “Les douze

  1. Happy birthday, Louis; you are lucky to live with two so devoted human beings.
    I’m singing with the lady who takes care of you:
    “La la little sod, struts around as if he’s God”…

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  2. He’s so gorgeous ❤ Happy birthday Louis, I hope the jambon de Bayonne and other treats will be to your liking and that you'll stay with us for many more years to come 🙂

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    1. Merci! Cat Daddy doesn’t yet know that I’ve ordered jambon de Bayonne, but he’ll find out soon enough when the Ocado arrives!

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    1. Merci, I think? 🤣🤣🤣 Chris looks very good for 13. He does look big but solidly built rather than fat.


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