Le chat chassé

Every now and again, when Cat Daddy and I want to relax in front of something mindless and unchallenging, we watch Celebrity Hunted. If you haven’t seen it, celebrities team up and “disappear” in the U.K. and, the longer they can stay hidden, the more money they raise for charity. This particular series features two athletes, an actress, a musician, a drag queen and a girl from Essex whom we presume to be a reality TV star or a YouTuber or some such thing.

Cat Daddy and I often marvel at the stupid things they do to give away their whereabouts, such as calling friends and family (their phones are monitored) or letting random members of the public take pictures with them and upload them to social media (also monitored); we are pretty certain that, if we ever took part in this show, we would be cleverer than that.

However, we are mere amateurs compared to Louis Catorze. It’s time to give Catorze his flea medication. And, naturellement, the little sod is nowhere to be found.

I have to hand it to him: for a not-especially-intelligent cat, he is good at vanishing. A few years ago we made Disco the dog’s folks go searching for him in their shed in the middle of a storm, when he turned out to be somewhere in Le Château – we still don’t know where – all along. He has also been known to go missing at The Front, right after chasing down the Ocado delivery driver, and on many occasions we have debated whether or not to call the driver and ask him to check the back of his van. Luckily he has always reappeared but, again, we don’t know from where.

Cat Daddy and I still can’t find Catorze, but I’m hopeful that one of us will soon utter the magic words: “I have eyes on the fugitive!”

Où est Le Roi?

16 thoughts on “Le chat chassé

  1. We were shocked to learn that some vets are now charging if you cancel an appointment without at least 24 hours notice. “Oh – we will not be in tomorrow for kitty’s shots – I know I’ll never find him in time !” I mean – I can understand human doctors and dentists charging for broken appointments (although there could certainly be an emergency) but when the client is of the non-human persuasion…gosh. (Although to be fair, one of the vet’s staff members told us it is because so many clients are no shows with no call or explanation ever, and over here even geting an appointment can replty some avance plannning,)

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  2. According to me, rather than watch « Celebrity Hunted », you’d better train thanks books like
    e.g. « Where’s Wally »…

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  3. My previous cat, Sosso, loved to jump into drawers, and once she was sleeping in one and the cleaning lady closed the drawer! I searched for Sosso for HOURS and really panicked, until I heard a tiny meow coming from the chest of drawers…. Hope you find Le Roi very soon 🙂

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  4. When it’s vet time, I have to bring out the “portal to hell” carrier a few days before. As soon as they see it, they all hide but after a while, they forget about it. Then I can snatch them up for the vet.

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