Le réveil-matin (Partie 2)

Every now and again, Louis Catorze wakes me up some time before my alarm goes off. This annoys the hell out of me, but shutting him out of the bedroom would result in him screaming and scratching at the door like an angry poltergeist, which would be considerably worse.

We have known for some time of his creepy kitty sixth sense, which can pick out our car from others parking outside and return him home from jaunts at The Front before his curfew kicks in. But now it appears that the little sod is able to know when the alarm is about to go off, just before it happens.

I often wake up with him lying by my feet or across my stomach. When he feels me stirring, he walks up my body for cuddles, then, suddenly, he sets off decisively and with real purpose across to the bedside table where my phone sits. No more than a second or two later, the alarm goes off.

Every time we decide that he is sufficiently creepy, he does something to out-creep his own creepiness. This is both terrifying and not the slightest bit surprising.

“Alarm is going off in trois … deux … un …”

20 thoughts on “Le réveil-matin (Partie 2)

  1. When I switch on the bedroom TV with the remote the cats turn around and look before the screen lights up. I don’t know if they “see” the infrared beam of the remote or hear the TV activate. If the batteries in the remote are weak and it doesn’t turn on at first, they have no reaction.

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  2. I no longer have an alarm, because I have a Miss Penny who does the job very well 🙂 And I’d much rather be woken up by a cat than by an alarm anyway, I couldn’t start the day without cuddling a cat first!

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    1. When I went to visit my friend with the five tuxedos, although they were gorgeous I was terrified at the way they howled in unison when it was dinner time. More than one is bad news. It’s like putting multiple serial killers in the same cell.

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            1. Haha! I had one as a child, but his tortie consort ruled him with an iron paw so we didn’t really get to see his innate evil …

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      1. I usually have two or three on the bed at night but it is only Snoodle who swarms over me before I go to sleep and when I wake x

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