Un imbécile et son argent

I am the worst person in the world. Not only did I forget to Broadline Louis Catorze this month but, when I finally remembered and went to his cupboard to take out a vial, I discovered that we were all out. Never in all my cats have I let this happen; I am usually meticulously organised when it comes to their health matters.

Luckily I realised my mistake on the day of Catorze’s steroid shot, so I was able to email the vet and ask them to order in some Broadline and, in the meantime, to give him an emergency dose of whatever flea and worm medication they happened to have lying around. I know that lots of us let the treatments lapse, and some don’t do them at all, but this is Catorze: we all know very well that, if I don’t do it this month, given that he goes rummaging around in all manner of undesirable places, we will be spending the festive period dealing with the maman of all flea infestations, fixable only by setting fire to our soft furnishings, and worms crawling out of his arse end and mating with each other to make more worms.

When it was time to leave for the appointment, despite having clung like a limpet to Cat Daddy all day long, Catorze had disappeared. We eventually found him hiding underneath a sheet that was drying in the dining room and, after the most undignified and unwieldy struggle hauling him out, with the little sod screaming his lungs out, we were able to stuff him into his transportation pod.

One steroid shot, one flea and worm treatment and one Gabapentin (for his possible* continuing toothache) later, we were £138 down. I took Cat Daddy’s credit card into the surgery with me and he was most displeased when I had to run back out again to ask him for his PIN, because the bill came to over £100 and therefore I couldn’t do a contactless payment. There were Unrepeatable Expletives on the way home, but Sa Maj was utterly mute so at least I only had to listen to one of them.

*It’s “possible” toothache because he wouldn’t let the vet look in his mouth, so she was unable to confirm it for sure. We now have to Gabapentin him and, if he eats more normally as a result, then most likely he did have toothache.

The minute we arrived home, Catorze pretended to forgive me and to come for lap cuddles, but in reality he just wanted to roll the flea treatment all over a scarf that I’m knitting.

And there is still the matter of the removal of his final troublesome tooth, which the vet suggested having in the New Year. I don’t suppose there is a “good” time for planning ruinously-expensive feline dental surgery. But January sure as heck isn’t it.

Haemorrhaging money because of this little sod.

24 thoughts on “Un imbécile et son argent

  1. Yes, cat health care is incredibly expensive! My Andy had an incisor that rubbed against an upper canine. On his vet’s recommendation, that tiny incisor was removed at a cost of around US$130!

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    1. Goodness me! I bet you’d never think of paying that for yourself, and yet when it comes to our furry overlords we don’t hesitate.

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  2. Gracie had a tooth hanging out. It was clinging by just a little bit. If only I could grab it and give it a pull but she wasn’t having any of that. Into the vet who touched it and it fell out. $200 because they did antibiotics and pain meds. I could have pulled it for free!

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    1. Not the trademark stalactite fangs, thank goodness. The one that needs to come out is one of the stalagmite fangs.


  3. I have one cat that is notoriously averse to being transported, flea-or pill-or eye dropped, etc etc. It’s gotten so whenever he goes to the vet I just have them add on the flea treatment – since it takes 2 or 3 people to give it to him.You may just want to continue tohave the vet do that whenever he goe in…

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    1. He’s usually not horrendous for his flea treatment, but we have had four people try (and fail) to pin him down for a blood test once. 😩


  4. The Humans ex-husband (aka our former cat daddy) would say loudly and to anyone who would listen that he sent the vet’s two kids through college. This was a bit over the top as both the vets children were under 6 years of age at the time. We’re hoping Louis’ tooth issue is resolved with minimum pain (to Catorze and to your budget).

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  5. Miss Penny is also costing me an arm and a leg AND the skin of my behind, as we say in French. I tell myself her very costly medication is her birthday and Christmas presents, and Easter present, and Thanksgiving present, and… I guess she gets a lot more presents than I do, the little brat!

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    1. I bet you don’t spend anywhere near that on your own healthcare! We certainly don’t! 😩😩😩


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