Le champion des poids légers

In June we discovered that Louis Catorze was at his lowest weight ever, and we had no idea why since he was eating and drinking fine and his test results were normal. His royal physician instructed us to, erm, feed him unlimited amounts of the most expensive food on the planet and bring him back in a month for a second weigh-in.

If you have ever had to take an animal to the vet, you will know what a cirque de merde it is. I don’t just mean getting them there; I also mean the awkwardness of the few hours prior, when you are having to Act Normal. Acting Normal when things are not is like trying to sleep when you can’t, or walking with a broken leg: the more desperately you want it to work, and the more effort you put into it, the worse the problem becomes.

Eventually Cat Daddy managed to trap Le Roi with a fake Boys’ Club meeting and, whilst the two of them were snuggling, I tiptoed off to fetch the transportation pod. I also took his vial of Broadline to the appointment, because the little sod had been dodging me for days and I hadn’t been able to de-flea him.

The consultation didn’t take long and was relatively trouble-free, apart from a little whining. And it turned out that Catorze has gained … 50 grams.

I know. Non-Brits, this is probably the weight of about three lip balms.

It’s not much, but at least he isn’t in a worrying cycle of inexplicable weight loss. And it seems that either the Post-Vet Sulk is now a thing of the past or he is so thick that he forgot where we’d just been, because he was back to his usual pitter-pattery, screamy self as soon as we arrived home.

Let’s hope that continued helpings of Orijen will get the little sod back to normal. Whatever “normal” may be.

Acting Normal.

29 thoughts on “Le champion des poids légers

          1. They have eaten the 6-fish flavor, but they really prefer the good old “cat & kitten” flavor the most. I haven’t seen the Tundra flavor in stores, so they’ve not tried it. Orijen can be hard to find here, but I imagine it is even harder to find and more expensive in the UK, since it’s made in Canada. I live in the USA, so there is a little less transportation cost.

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            1. It’s not commonly found here, either. I don’t think I would have even heard of it without all my research. Cat Daddy is still furious that Sa Maj chose it, but when you have a cat who would rather starve than eat substandard food, you’re just grateful if they eat anything!

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            2. My grandmother, a registered nurse, always told us that when we skimp on quality food, we’ll pay more in doctor’s fees. I think that applies to pets, too. Quality food supports good health.

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            3. I think that’s true. I think Sa Maj is so drug-addled that it’ll take a bit of time for him to reap the full benefits, but I agree!

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            4. Ooh, I’ve never heard of this! I’m always interested in alternatives in case Orijen is discontinued or, worse yet, in case he just changes his mind. Thank you!

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  1. I admire Louis’s royal physician’s precision. What kind of device does he or she use to weigh his or her Royal patient?
    By the way, screaming is energy consuming. It can explain Louis’s slenderness.

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  2. He’s beautiful 🙂 And I hope he’ll gain a bit of weight, but if he’s running around his kingdom all day with Donnie, I’m not surprised he’s fit! Miss Penny also eats a lot and doesn’t gain an ounce, I’m very jealous!

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    1. I bet running around with Donnie is just the tip of the iceberg! Once he’s in the Zone Libre it’s like a secret world. 🤫


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